Case Study: South Tyneside Indoor Bowls

Case Study: South Tyneside Indoor Bowls

A 50% drop in energy consumption? Find out how we did it.

The Brief

Services Adopted

  • Account Care
  • Energy Health Check
  • Energy Audit
  • Ecofit

South Tyneside Indoor Bowls & Social Club was founded 30 years ago. Like many similar organisations, the Club is based in a building constructed of corrugated steel and red brick. The building was not well insulated and, at just over £27,000, the Club’s annual energy costs were high.

The Club had already entered into discussions with Utilitywise about their energy contracts. When we offered them an Energy Health Check and a Utility Efficiency Audit, they decided to accept.


Our Approach

First we carried out the Energy Health Check. This compared the Club’s energy use against a national database of similar buildings with similar operational hours. It provided a snapshot of the Club’s energy efficiency and identified clear opportunities to save energy.

Armed with the information provided by the Energy Health Check, we then carried out a full Utility Efficiency Audit. We were aiming to identify the physical and behavioural changes that could be made in order to reduce the Club’s utility consumption … and we succeeded.

The audit highlighted a number of energy efficiency projects that could reduce the Club’s energy consumption, including a large scale change in the light fittings across the site. It showed that we could potentially save the Club 33,753 kWh per annum, representing a 7% reduction in energy use and lowering their carbon footprint by a whopping 13%.

It also meant potential cash savings of £3,246.83

Our Solution

We mapped out the project from start to finish, identifying which fittings and lamps needed to be changed and what kind of changes would be most beneficial. For instance, we decided that motion-detecting sensors that could automatically turn lights on and off would be too disruptive and that upgrading fittings and lamps would be more effective.

The lighting project involved the replacement of 8ft T12 fluorescent tubes, which were no longer available, with more efficient and longer-lasting T8 tubes. And, with the Energy Audit carried out before we secured the Club’s energy contracts, we were able to bundle the cost of these lighting upgrades into the unit cost of the energy.

“Gary’s team carried out the installation and worked non-stop, and we suffered no down time as a result,” said Geoff Driver, Secretary STIBC. “We had a small window of opportunity to complete the major part of the works which comprised the removal of the existing lighting and the installation of the new diffusers and tubes above the bowls arena.

“Gary’s attention to the planning of the project from the initial assessment to delivery of the parts and subsequent installation was impeccable.

From energy solution to energy saving

As a result of the lighting upgrades we carried out, the Club’s energy consumption over the next 12 month period was halved.

The new lighting system provided members with a much more pleasant environment.

“Whilst the prime aim of this project was to reduce our energy consumption, we have also gained a far superior lighting system over the bowls arena than before the project commenced,” said Geoff Driver. “Without exception, our members (who number over 400) have been more than complimentary.”

We were also able to advise the Club on energy efficiency awareness and behavioural change programmes to help them reduce their consumption even more. By encouraging members to switch off lighting and other equipment, further reductions in energy consumption could be made.

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