Shipley Brothers – a Utilitywise case study

Shipley Brothers – a Utilitywise case study

Shipley Brothers have seen a £56,100 saving on their electricity contract.

About Shipley Brothers Ltd

Shipley Brothers Limited operate bingo halls in Birmingham, Leigh and Reading.


  • Savings against budget of £56,100 for electricity
  • Ability to maintain own Risk Management strategy
  • Can switch strategy to suit risk appetite and market conditions during contract
  • Fully supported by dedicated team
  • Assured of billing accuracy


When we began working with Shipley Brothers they were procuring their electricity via a fixed contract, yet were interested in alternative procurement options. Buying energy flexibly can deliver higher rewards provided there is active risk management and close monitoring of market conditions. However, it can often seem confusing and time-intensive or an option only available for the largest consumers.

We recommended our flexible purchasing offering Portfolio Energy Procurement. Based on our track record and contract features Shipley Brothers were happy to make the switch. The Utilitywise team then worked closely with them to agree on a suitable buying strategy and ensure a smooth transfer from their previous contract and supplier.

Trusted advice

Portfolio Energy Procurement is a group purchasing solution which provides access to a fully flexible contract with best practice Risk Management and an excellent track record. It is unique in its approach, as each individual within the group is able to maintain their own strategy. In addition to this, Portfolio gives users the flexibility to alter strategy during the contract should business needs or risk appetite change.

Shipley Brothers were assigned a dedicated team: an Account Director and Account Manager to deliver the service and support throughout, and a Risk Management team to manage the contract in-line with the agreed strategy. Shipley Brothers are kept informed with monthly Position Reports which show performance against the market and their budget. The reports are an excellent forecasting tool and help to track the success of the contract.

To date, Shipley Brothers have seen a £56,100 saving on their contract. They also receive our Bill Validation service which provides them with peace of mind that their bills are consistently accurate.

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