R W Simon Limited

R W Simon Limited

Find out how Utilitywise helped this ventilation and air management specialist to identify energy efficiencies which led to significant cost savings.

R W Simon manufactures and supplies ventilation and air management systems to the glazing and construction industries.

They also use the process of injection moulding to manufacture components for the medical and telecommunications industries.

Utilitywise has supported the organisation since 2001 with energy procurement solutions, meter operator and data collector contracts and more recently, Climate Change Agreements (CCAs).

CCAs are voluntary agreements made by UK industry and the Environment Agency (EA) to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions. They were established to allow energy intensive businesses to reduce the cost of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) charge on their electricity and gas bills.

The application process

R W Simon were assigned a Carbon Consultant to work with them throughout the process, providing an end-to-end service from application to management.

The initial stage was to visit their site and collate and analyse the required data creating an evidence pack. This was for the injection moulding arm of their business.

The CCA application and all supporting documents was then submitted to the EA. This was approved and R W Simon officially joined the scheme in October 2017.

Essential guidance

Once in the scheme our Carbon Consultant continues to work with R W Simon monitoring the performance of their CCA and communicating this via regular reports. We also advise on energy savings opportunities that can be implemented to help meet the target, and check bills to
ensure the correct CCL discount is applied.

Benefits of the scheme

Businesses who hold a CCA can receive reductions of up to 90% on electricity bills and 65% on other fuels. R W Simon are receiving the maximum discount of 90% . This discount runs alongside an efficiency improvement target to encourage participants to implement energy efficiency measures to meet their target.

Between November 2017 and March 2018, R W Simon has achieved CCL discount of over £3,000 and is projected to save approximately £8,000 by December 2018.

Based on current data, R W Simon will achieve a total £50,000 discount between now and March 2023.

“Utilitywise has taken the administrative burden of legal compliance off my hands. The team keep me fully informed of our progress and any changes to the scheme that I need to be aware of.

“The performance reports I receive are useful and their advice on efficiency is excellent. I would recommend their compliance services to others.”

Terry Hitchins, Company Secretary


  • £50,000 total forecasted savings through CCL discount;
  • Opportunities identified for energy savings;
  • Dedicated team providing support and offering advice.

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