Prolog Case Study – Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Prolog Case Study – Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Smart technology

Utilitywise has worked with Promotional Logistics Limited (Prolog) since 2015 providing Procurement and Bill Validation solutions. Energy efficiency is key to Prolog and as part of their bespoke Strategic Utility Management Plan with Utilitywise, we arranged for our Energy Services experts to visit their site to explore further cost savings.

As a 3rd party logistics provider, Prolog operates from a campus of warehouses 24/7. Initial on-site investigations demonstrated that lighting formed a large percentage of their total electrical load.

The lightbulb moment

Our team designed and modelled a new lighting system using LEDs and featuring intelligent DALI dimmable controls throughout Prolog’s warehouse aisles. This allowed lux levels to be modified, gaining additional savings and allowing the fittings to be occupancy controlled. These units can now operate on detection of occupants and, after a programmable time period, be set to dim for a further duration, before finally being turned off.

As part of a robust aM&T (automatic monitoring and targeting) service and verify the savings the new lighting brings, an energy monitoring system was also installed. This provides ongoing measurement for the Prolog Management Team.


“We have been impressed by Utilitywise and their knowledge and capabilities of smart building technology. They quickly grasped an understanding of our business and the way we worked providing us with a sound recommendation. By trusting their expertise we have improved our working environment and made significant cost savings”.

Lee Williams – Facilities Manager – PROLOG.

Proven results

In a short period of time, considerable savings have been achieved.

  • Energy consumption based on the old lighting system averaged around 4,278 kWh a day.
  • Following installation weekly energy consumption has been cut by 83% to just 727 kWh.
  • The new lighting system has saved over 3,500kg/CO2
  • Lux levels have also improved and employee feedback is extremely positive.

Case Study – Prolog for Utilitywise.

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