Pathway to Prospects

Pathway to Prospects

We did away with bill confusion for the team at Pathway to Prospects.

The company

Pathway to Prospects is a limited company that supports vulnerable young people from 16 to 21 years of age, and vulnerable adults across the UK’s north-west. It includes providing a number of semi-independent housing for young people in the care system and adults requiring assisted living. It gives them stability, safety and a nurturing environment. The company won the most trusted small business award for companies with a turnover of less than £1m last year.

The issue

When Utilitywise contacted Pathway to Prospects in April 2016, we discovered a variety of issues with its current gas and electricity supplier that were causing confusion and frustration. The client was receiving contradictory bills and credit notes, which left it with no idea of what was owed, and the supplier rarely actioned anything it asked of them. One example was a no-show by engineers to fix a meter but bills still arriving referencing the incorrect meter.

The solution

In August 2016, Beverley Foster, a member of Utilitywise’s Display Energy Certificate team, helped Pathway to Prospects to end its agreement with its current supplier and create new contracts with different suppliers at a better rate.

To simplify arrangements still further, she arranged for all the contracts to end around the same time – considerably reducing one reason for bill confusion. She provided an Account Manager who now helps Pathway to Prospects with billing queries, saving time for Senior Office Co-ordinator Nick Joslyn to do other tasks as he no longer has to contact the supplier direct.

The installation of the energy consumption portal SmartDash, as part of our Utility Insight monitoring and reporting system, now gives him information that will help the company keep costs down and monitor all its sites.

By reducing costs, the company can provide more for the young people it serves and look after its staff by providing treats and rewards.

In summary

  • Pathway to Prospects was losing patience with its supplier
  • It was confused by poor billing and frustrated by poor customer service
  • Utilitywise ended the supplier contract and negotiated new tenancies with different suppliers to get the best rate
  • Our Utility Insight and SmartDash tools help it to understand and monitor consumption, saving costs it can use elsewhere.

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