Medequip Assistive Technology Limited

Medequip Assistive Technology Limited

Since 2017, Utilitywise has worked with Medequip Assistive Technology Limited to create and develop a bespoke energy strategy.

Our strategic approach means we continually review our client’s energy and water needs to deliver joined-up solutions that save time, money and hassle.

Through our Bureau team, we soon identified an opportunity for Medequip to undertake a review of their Available Supply Capacity (ASC).

Providing insight on capacity

To look at the opportunity in more detail we proposed a full Capacity Review at each of their sites. This would determine whether their ASC levels were right and ensure they weren’t paying over the odds. This was particularly timely given the latest modification to the Excess Capacity Charge, DCP 161, coming into force in April 2018. This change to the distribution charge meant that any client exceeding their ASC would pay up to 80% more than previously.

Uncovering savings

We analysed Medequip’s electricity consumption in detail and outlined our findings in a bespoke Recommendation Report. We discovered that their peak Maximum Demand did not breach their reserved kVA level at 4 of their sites. This provided an opportunity to reduce capacity levels and generate savings. We proposed a lower capacity level based on their sites highest demand with an additional 10% buffer. This simple change is projected to deliver annual savings of £3,563.

Making positive changes

Medequip took our advice and we proceeded with the recommendations. Their assigned Bureau Analyst liaised directly with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to implement the changes and updated the energy supplier when complete. They also ensured the new capacity level was implemented correctly by checking the next supplier invoice.

“Utilitywise has shown real expertise in the way they manage our energy requirements. The team provides insight and advice, continually refining our strategy to great effect.

“By making a small change to our capacity levels we have realised savings quickly and without hassle. I look forward to working with Utilitywise and seeing how our energy strategy evolves in the future.”

– Ben Williams, Business Improvement Manager, Medequip


  • Key Insight provided into your organisation at a site level
  • £3,563 projected annual savings
  • Hassle-Free service: Dedicated Account team delivering a fully managed end-to-end service

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