Case Study: Webhelp, formerly known as HEROtsc

Case Study: Webhelp, formerly known as HEROtsc

One of the UK’s leading contact centre providers, HEROtsc is an energy intensive operation. We helped them cut their consumption by over 50%.

The Brief

HEROtsc was formed in 1994 with a vision to provide best-in-class contact centre services and technology solutions through voice, direct mail, online, mobile and social communications. HEROtsc is an outsourcing specialist with ten UK contact centres and more than 5,200 trained and experienced employees. Their operations are supported by a centre of excellence in India staffed by an additional 500 people. HEROtsc is the UK’s leading contact centre company and a leading provider of highly innovative business solutions and services, for which they have won many awards.

Our Approach

Energy Savings

The main energy saving has come from the use of Edd:e, which was used to identify areas of high power consumption, and Utility Insight, which provided information on gas use across the site.

Edd:e identified areas of high power use

Edd:e, Utilitywise’s circuit level energy monitor, was used to provide detailed information about power use across the site and even which circuit was consuming the most energy. Lighting across the site consumed 78.199kWh per day which produced 42.54kg of carbon emissions. A detailed Energy and Lighting Audit showed that savings were possible on the lighting. The call centre floor was lit by fittings designed to bounce light off fabric sheets and brighten operational areas. This unusual design meant that it was essential that any replacement lights had to work with this design while maintaining lux levels.

Our Ecofit LED lighting specialists conducted a full survey of the site. Our team then experimented with a range of lamps to see what delivered a reduction in energy consumption while maintaining the correct light (LUX) levels and also worked with the designer fittings.

Edd:e detected a substantial drop in energy use following the lighting upgrades across the site. The new lights more than halved the energy consumption; the same circuits now consume 38.251kWh.

Our Solution

Utility Insight energy savings

Utilitywise arranged for the HERO site to be fitted with gas and electricity smart meters. The data from these meters was fed into Utility Insight, Utilitywise’s web-based smart meter reporting platform.

Utilitywise Energy Managers immediately saw a problem with the gas usage, which showed a lot of demand while the offices were closed (yellow line on graph). Once the reasons for this were investigated and corrected the gas use fell dramatically (red line on graph).

“Over the last few month we’ve been able to reduce Falkirk’s gas consumption significantly, the last two months we have been +80% under budget!” – Chris Wilson, Environmental Coordinator, HEROtsc

Service provided

  • Account Care
  • Energy Health Check
  • Energy Audit
  • Smart Meter
  • Utility Insight
  • Edd:e
  • Ecofit

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