D&T Supplies

D&T Supplies

We’re helping D&T Supplies focus on doing what they do best – running a successful, growing business.

The company

D&T Supplies was established in 2011 to provide high quality heating products and services across Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

D&T Supplies is a growing, fully-independent heating merchant, serving the City of Cambridge and the surrounding areas. With a wide array of products from leading brands, D & T Supplies is ideally equipped to provide comprehensive supply solutions to both the trade and retail consumers alike.

Services provided:

  • Bill Analysis
  • Electricity and Gas contract negotiated
  • Smart Meter Installation
  • SmartDash Installation
  • Supplier switch handled by Utilitywise
  • Ongoing account management

The issue

D&T Supplies found their utility bills hard to understand and were unsure whether they were being charged correctly for the electricity consumed through the three meters in their premises. It was difficult to pinpoint what was wrong, because they were receiving estimated bills, which was unsettling because they were never sure whether they were going to get an unpleasant surprise when the meters were actually read.

The existing supplier had not been helpful in providing advice and Maria was far too busy running the business and looking after customers to take the time out to get to the bottom of the issue. Maria also suspected that if she shopped around, she could probably get much better prices for his electricity and make significant savings, however the complexity of different tariffs and contract terms was baffling, so she had not got around to it.

The solution

D&T Supplies asked Utilitywise to investigate the issue and provided recent bills for analysis. The analysis showed one of their meters had not been correctly listed by the supplier causing a significant overcharge.

We challenged the supplier about a bill for £3,011 and arranged for a correct bill of £455 to be issued, saving D&T over £2,500.

Utilitywise contacted a range of suppliers for prices and presented D&T with a choice of tariffs. Once D&T had selected their new contract, we handled all of the supplier communication and paperwork, keeping them updated on progress.

As part of the new contract, Utilitywise is working with D&T to create a Utility Management Plan for their business to help them manage their energy usage more efficiently. We arranged for smart meters to be fitted which not only meant automatic meter reads (no more estimated bills), but they also have access to Utilitywise SmartDash, so they can see energy consumption patterns, which helps identify opportunities to reduce waste.

A Utilitywise Customer Service account manager has been introduced to D&T to provide ongoing advice, as well as handling any supplier issues and queries that crop up, and this leaves Maria free to get on with what she does best – running a successful, growing business.

In summary

  • D&T suspected that they were being overcharged for electricity
  • Utilitywise conducted a full bill analysis
  • The bill was reduced by 85% from £3,011 to just £455
  • Smart meters were fitted, putting an end to estimated bills
  • Utilitywise SmartDash shows D&T their energy consumption patterns to help reduce waste
  • A dedicated account manager is available to handle all future supplier queries and issues

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