Case Study: Devonport Management Ltd

Case Study: Devonport Management Ltd

How much energy does the largest naval base in Western Europe use? The answer: a lot. We were asked to find ways that Devonport Management could improve efficiency across their compressed air and steam systems. We succeeded.

The Brief

Devonport Management Ltd (DML) is responsible for the management of HMNB Devonport, the largest naval base in Western Europe. Devonport is the sole nuclear repair and refuelling facility for the Royal Navy. The company employs 4,800 staff and is the largest private sector employer in Devon and Cornwall, working on everything from major warship design to refitting super-yachts.

Our Approach

The main focus of our work with DML was on finding ways to improve the efficiency of their compressed air and steam systems, as 60-80 per cent of heat generated in summer was being lost through distribution. We identified the major sources of energy loss and proposed plausible targets for reduction, along with recommendations for improvements within a realistic timeframe. We identified an annual reduction in carbon emissions of 30% and an annual cash saving of 30% – approximately £500,000 at the time of writing.

Our Solution

As a result of our recommendations, DML made major investments in energy monitoring and steam trap improvements. It also implemented a partial summer shutdown to enable major repairs tackling steam leaks and damaged pipes. At the same time, an energy awareness campaign with partners and clients has helped further reduce energy use and publicised DML’s efforts to a wider audience. DML have more projects planned which could potentially double these reductions in energy consuption and cost.

Service provided

  • Energy Management

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