Culina Group

Culina Group

Find out how Utilitywise helped Culina Group to identify energy efficiencies which led to a significant decrease in carbon emissions over a three-year period.

Culina Group provides a total logistics solution across the UK and Ireland. They specialise in the warehousing, distribution and transportation of chilled and ambient food and drink.

Utilitywise has supported the group since 2010, initially with procurement and following with compliance services from 2012.

Delivering peace of mind

Legislation can be time consuming to adhere to and complicated to interpret. We assist Culina Group with a number of compliance services. We manage CCAs for 8 sites, adhere to the CRC scheme for their subsidiary Great Bear Distribution, and ensure compliance with ESOS. As the group has grown, our support has too and as a result we also deliver a Carbon Footprint reporting solution.

“Carbon Footprint” describes the carbon and greenhouse gas emissions for which businesses and individuals are responsible. Whenever we consume energy, carbon and greenhouse gas emissions are produced. Businesses are responsible for their carbon emissions regardless of their size.

Our fully bespoke service features data collection, validation and calculation of their Carbon Footprint. Culina Group report voluntarily and include fuels from electricity to refrigerant.

Doing the right thing

Our service provides Culina Group with complete understanding of their business energy use and emissions by site. We collate information including waste (landfill, energy recovery and recyclables) that isn’t normally captured in other carbon reporting schemes. It identifies opportunities to drive energy savings and reduce carbon footprint.

Culina Group are a responsible organisation and take full consideration of the impact their business has on the environment. They became a zero to landfill organisation in April 2016 and have introduced and trialled LNG fuelled vehicles as an alternative fuel source.

The group has successfully cut emissions by approximately 23% for the period 2013 – 2016 across Culina Logistics Limited and Ambient business sectors. We are currently looking to support Culina Group with additional bespoke reporting.

“We have built a long standing relationship with the Utilitywise team and continue to be impressed with their expertise. They take away the excessive administration that comes with compliance and offer great insight and advice on our next steps for energy savings.

“I would recommend the team to other businesses looking to comply with carbon schemes and boost their CSR.”

Pauline Shaw, Head of Quality Assurance


  • 23% decrease in emissions for three year period 2013-2016;
  • Opportunities identified for energy savings;
  • Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) demonstrated.

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