Case Study: Cranfield University

Case Study: Cranfield University

Cranfield University has over 100 buildings, 35 of which were linked into a Building Management System (BMS), which was controlled by a third party. The university wanted an independent review of that BMS; naturally, they called Utilitywise.

The Brief

Cranfield University has developed substantially in size and scope over the years and is recognised as the largest centre in Europe for applied research, development and design. The site comprises over 100 buildings of varying age, construction and condition, and more than 35 of these buildings are linked into a Building Management System (BMS) which is controlled by a third party.

Our Approach

Utilitywise undertook an independent review of the BMS and carried out Air Conditioning Inspections where relevant. Cranfield University has a substantial property portfolio and many of the AC systems had a combined cooling capacity of over 12kW, making Air Conditioning Inspections a requirement under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Our Solution

The BMS review identified a number of key areas for development across 35 managed buildings. One recommendation of the survey was to consider a more manageable BMS, as the third party responsible for the maintenance of the system had installed some bespoke equipment. This made the possibility of using a different system and contractor more difficult. We recommended a more user friendly system, which would allow staff to make adjustments without the added cost of involving a third party facilities manager.

Services provided

  • BMS review
  • Air Conditioning Inspections

Air conditioning recommendations provided

  • 44

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