Community, Health & Enterprise Centre (CHEC)

Community, Health & Enterprise Centre (CHEC)

Center manager Terianne Speak got rid of a big headache when Utilitywise got in touch about CHEC’s energy bills.

The company

Founded in 1999, CHEC is a not-for-profit charity that runs a health information and signposting service. It has two buildings in Telford, the main one containing the health shop, meeting rooms, offices and training space. The other includes a community café and four bedsits rented to STAY for homeless young people 16-24 years old. Its aim is to tackle health inequalities in areas of social deprivation in the Telford and Wrekin area. CHEC also provides an office for Childcare Support on Site, who manage the on-site nursery and provide mobile childcare practitioners.

Services provided:

  • Electricity and gas contract negotiation
  • Move to new suppliers
  • Smart meter installation
  • Automated meter reading
  • SmartDash App
  • Account Management

The issue

When CHEC Centre Manager Terrianne Speak took a cold call from Utilitywise two years ago, she had no idea that help was on hand to solve an expensive headache causing her stress. “I kept being asked questions in board meetings as to why the utilities bills were so high, so when Utilitywise asked if they could look at our current suppliers and finder cheaper ones, of course I said yes,” said Terrianne. It wasn’t just the expense that put Terrianne under pressure but also the complexity of the energy bills from the two suppliers, as the board requested more detailed information she was unable to provide.

The solution

CHEC has three buildings on one site each with two gas and two electricity meters provided by two suppliers. Utilitywise started by looking over the most recent bills, then negotiating an end to the original contracts. From its network, it provided two different suppliers for gas and electricity, saving CHEC around 20% on its previous bills.

Smart meters were installed in both buildings, so meter-reading is one item off Terrianne’s bulging to-do list.

We also gave her access to our monitoring and reporting system Utility Insight, where she can see energy consumption online using an app called SmartDash. This enables her to check usage closely and see where savings can be made. It means she’s now able to take useful data to the board and the charity has more money to spend on what it does best.

In summary

  • CHEC was paying increasing high energy bills
  • Its board wanted energy data that wasn’t available
  • As stress mounted, the Centre Manager received a timely cold call from Utilitywise
  • New gas and electricity providers came on board at cheaper rates
  • Our Utility Insight and SmartDash tools provide data to please the board
  • The Centre Manager can concentrate on her job and not energy matters.

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