Business water deregulation – get ready to save.

There’s less than 2 weeks to go until the business water market in England deregulates.

Smart businesses always shop around and make sure they are getting the price and service that they demand. But for your water supply, unless you’re in Scotland, you’ve not had that choice. Water comes from your local supplier, and that’s that.

Until now.

It’s all about to change for businesses in England.

From 1st April organisations in England join those from Scotland in having the freedom to buy water from whichever supplier you choose. Choice is good! And with that choice comes the chance to save money and get better customer service.

Learn more about Water Deregulation

Here at Utilitywise we can help you make the most of deregulation in the English and Scottish water markets.

We’re passionate about helping smart businesses to be even smarter and we’ve put together lots of great things to help you make the best decision for your business. From enabling you to save money on water to helping you reduce how much water you use, we’ve got you covered. And with options such as group buying – where the combined buying power of lots of businesses help you save – to cashback offers on combined electricity, gas and water services, we’ve got an option that’s right for you.

Are you in England or Scotland?

At Utilitywise we’re helping thousands of businesses to get a great deal on their electricity and gas (and in Scotland their water too), and we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Let us help you be smarter with your business water and energy today.

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