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  • Compare business gas prices with the UK’s largest energy consultancy for a great rate on your business gas and join more than 40,000 businesses.

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  • Are you searching for the best and cheapest business gas supplier? Utilitywise works with the lead commercial gas suppliers across the UK and will hunt high and low to get you a great deal on your business gas rates.

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Save on your business gas rates the safe and easy way

You have a business to run so lets us take away the burden of looking for a new business gas deal.

Switching gas supplier is an opportunity for businesses to reduce costs by choosing a better contract, at an advantageous length of time, from a new business gas or electricity provider. It’s also a chance to manage your energy use more efficiently.

Despite these benefits, the complexities of switching can often be discouraging. We hear that businesses can be put off by difficulties in comparing prices, confused by the bewildering range of tariffs, uncertain what to do about multiple meters and different contracts’ end-dates, and irritated by uncooperative suppliers.

Business Gas Prices & Plans

At Utilitywise we’re impartialindependent and transparent and we will act as your commercial Gas, electricity and water consultant to get you the most suitable and best business gas prices from the majority of commercial gas suppliers from the UK energy market.

Business gas prices from utilitywise

Why Choose Utilitywise for Business Gas?

We’re Impartial, Independent & Transparent.
Easy switching – Choose from a Fixed, FixedFlex, Flexible or a Green Energy deal.
Free energy health check, bill checking service & say goodbye to estimated bills.
Join 40,000+ businesses that we’ve helped reduce their utilities consumption by up to 50%.
You’ll get a dedicated UK account manager with consultant expertise & great service every time.
 Faster installation of a business smart meter.
Access to control & monitoring technology when you purchase an energy contract through Utilitywise at no extra cost.

Join 40,000+ Businesses that procure their business electricity through Utilitywise.

Why bother with three suppliers for your Gas, Electricity & Water – save the hassle – do all three with Utilitywise and receive £400 cashback and save up to 25% on combined business utilities.*

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Reduce your commercial gas usage by up to 50%

Most organisations can save up to 20% on their fuel bills simply by better managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measure you could reduce energy consumption by up to 33%, a 20% reduction in utilities costs will equal a 5% increase in sales**. So if a shop’s turnover is £20,000, that’s the equivalent of an extra £1,000 – enough to create a website, train staff in sales techniques or upgrade to LED lighting: all ways retailers can improve their offering and attract customersTotal control and more with Utilitywise.

**The Carbon Trust, most organisations can save up to 20% on their fuel bills simply by better managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measures. A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses. (Source: – June 2017).

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Frequently asked questions:

Why should I switch business gas suppliers?

It is not the switching that is important – with our buying power we can often unlock better deals from your existing supplier. The thing that helps your business is looking for new energy deals, we can show you all the new offers and types of tariffs that are available and you can easily pick the one that it right for you.

Will my gas supply be disrupted?

No, nothing will change with the supply into your property. The only change you will see is a different logo on your energy bill.

What is a gas smart meter?

A smart meter (also referred to as a Gas AMR/ Smart Meter) is a new type of energy meter that can send data on your usage to devices that can show you how much you are using. It also send this data to your energy supplier to allow them to create an accurate bill, making it much less likely that you will get an estimated bill. It is these sorts of meters that are often included in our energy deals. We like them because they get rid of estimated bills and you get to see your energy consumption on our SmartDash web platform, we can then advise you on where you can save some money.

What is a FixedFlex (Fixed Flexible procurement) energy procurement contract?

This is a unique business electricity contract that you can change when the market prices drop. If the energy price increases you are protected and if the energy price drops you can take advantage of the lower price electricity tariff.

What is a renewable or green gas contract?

Renewable or green electricity provide energy from renewable sources, including gas from methane produced using bio-waste, such as crop cuttings, food waste and animal dung, and electricity from solar, wind or wave power and biogen.

What if I have more than one business premises and multi-gas meters?

Your business life is made even more difficult if you have more than one site, or business or multiple meters at the same premises. Now you are juggling lots of contracts, probably with many suppliers, on lots of different tariffs, with different end dates. Each supplier will process their bills in a different way, each will have a different bill portal – it is exhausting just thinking about it.
Utilitywise cuts through all these problems. We will review your whole meter estate, we will look to rationalise your energy contracts across as few suppliers as possible, we will wrap them up into one contract end date and then manage all the switching (if needed).

What is a free utility bill checking service?

Our own research shows that 58% of businesses think their energy bills are difficult to understand. We want to help your business become more efficient so we have opened our bill checking service to non-customers. Our experts will look over your bills to spot common errors, raise any areas of concern and talk to you about the ways to rectify these areas. In one case, one of our customers was billed over £15,000 based on estimated readings – but after we worked with their supplier to fix the problem, their actual bill was £163.75.

What does an energy audit consist of?

A Utiltywise Business Energy Audit is a full review of your commercial premises and is conducted by our teams of qualified and accredited energy surveyors. It tells you what steps you need to take in order to make energy savings.

The objective of the Commercial Energy Audit is to carry out a full energy audit assessment to highlight the physical and behavioural changes that will reduce energy consumption. The savings from each of the change measures is shown, along with the associated payback period. Our energy auditors are highly skilled and fully accredited energy professionals who can deliver cost-effective energy savings to your business.

What does an energy health check consist of?

Many businesses don’t know how their energy usage compares to other businesses with a similar profile, an Energy Health Check is the start of a process to help you understand what energy savings could be made.

The Energy Health Check (EHC) rates your property for energy efficiency and benchmarks it against other similar properties in your industry. It gives you an understanding of how much energy you’re using and what kind of cuts in consumption are realistic for your business.