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If you’re looking for electricity for your business, then switching electricity supplier is an opportunity for your business to reduce costs by choosing a better contract.

This means that switching supplier can help you find cheap business electricity and save you money in the process.

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You have a business to run, so let us take away the burden of finding new business electricity tariffs. Let Utilitywise help you to find the right electricity contract for your business.

When looking for the cheapest business electricity supplier in the UK, you can discuss business electric rates at an advantageous period of time. It’s also a chance to manage your energy use more efficiently, helping ensure that you only pay for the best business electricity rates for your needs.

Business Electricity Rates & Plans:
Finding You the Best Business Electricity Rates

At Utilitywise we’re impartial, independent and transparent, and we will act as your commercial electricity, gas and water consultant.

We can help you to get you the most suitable and best business electricity prices in the UK, from the majority of commercial electricity suppliers from the UK energy market.

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    Save Time

    At Utilitywise we compare different tariffs from different suppliers, so there’s no need for you to spend time calling each supplier one by one.

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    Expert Advice

    Our team of experienced Energy Consultants will give you great advice and help make the switching process easy.

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    Save Money

    We’ll help you find the right business electricity contract for your business, which could make a big difference to your bottom line.

Why Choose Utilitywise when You’re Looking for Cheap Business Electricity?

  • We’re impartial, independent and transparent.

  • Easy switching to new business electricity tariffs – Choose from a Fixed, FixedFlex, Flexible or a Green Energy deal.

  • Free energy health check and bill checking service.

  • Join the 40,000+ businesses that we’ve helped reduce their utilities consumption by up to 50%.

  • You’ll get a dedicated UK account manager with consultant expertise and great service every time.

  • Faster installation of a business smart meter – say goodbye to estimated bills.

Join 40,000+ Businesses that procure their business electricity through Utilitywise.

Why bother with three suppliers for your Electricity, Gas & Water? Save the hassle – do all three with Utilitywise. You’ll receive £400 cashback and save up to 25% on combined business utilities. (Terms & Conditions apply).

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Reduce your commercial electricity usage by up to 50%

Most organisations can save up to 20% on their fuel bills by simply better managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measures could reduce your energy consumption by up to 33%. A 20% reduction in utilities costs will equal a 5% increase in sales**.

So if a shop’s turnover is £20,000, that’s the equivalent of an extra £1,000 – enough to create a website, train staff in sales techniques or upgrade to LED lighting: all ways retailers can improve their offering and attract customers.

Total control and more with Utilitywise.

**The Carbon Trust. Most organisations can save up to 20% on their fuel bills simply by better managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measures. A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses. (Source: – June 2017).
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