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Great value electricity and gas deals from one of the UK’s leading business utilities consultancy. Get multiple prices from multiple suppliers and find out how much you could save.

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A business electricity price comparison with us is quick and simple, helping to save you time and money.

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Save on your business utilities the safe and easy way

Whether you’re too time-poor to investigate switching your business gas and electricity supplier or resigned to staying on the same tariff, we can help you change with very little effort on your part.

Switching supplier is an opportunity for businesses to reduce costs by choosing a better contract, at an advantageous length of time, from a new business electricity or gas provider. It’s also a chance to manage your energy use more efficiently.

Despite these benefits, the complexities of switching can often be discouraging. We hear businesses put off by difficulties in comparing prices, confused by the bewildering range of tariffs, uncertain what to do about multiple meters and different contracts’ end-dates, and irritated by uncooperative suppliers.


Find the commercial utility supplier that’s right for you

Managing utilities can be a tricky business – but it doesn’t have to be. Our experts will make it simple to take control of your commercial electricity and gas procurement.

With our Utilitywise switching service, it’s easy to switch your utilities supplier, either online or by phone. Send us your electricity and/or gas bill and we’ll compare business energy prices and recommend the right options for your business. We can switch your business over to a new business electricity and gas supplier in as little as three minutes.

You don’t have to be a business either. We’ve helped religious organisations, charities and local government organisations switch business utilities, helping them to renegotiate gas and electricity deals, in some cases fixing contracts for several years to help insulate them from price rises.

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Or save your energy and let us call you – simply fill in this form and a member of our team will be in touch. You can also compare business utilities prices online now.

To help you find the best energy and water contract for your company and make sure you get the most from your business utilities broker, here are some of the features covered by our energy brokers.

Fix your utility tariffs and update prices on your business electricity and gas

We also offer simple, hassle-free energy contracts for businesses that let you fix your gas and electricity prices, update your energy price or buy directly from the wholesale market.

Every business can benefit from a fixed energy deal where you gain business budget certainty by fixing a price over a fixed period of one to five years.

You can also choose a FixedFlex contract where you can ask for a fixed price if prices drop. A dedicated account manager will let you know when.

A flexible contract could suit your business if you spend more than £100,000 on electricity each year and want us to purchase it from the wholesale commodity market, while a portfolio deal suits smaller firms.

Utility Insight – mobile energy and water monitoring

Utility Insight SmartDash takes complex data from half-hourly meters, sub-meters and other monitoring systems and makes it simple. Utility Insight helps you monitor your consumption so you can stop wasting energy and water and start making savings. Log in on your desktop or download the mobile app.

It’s a powerful weapon in your fight to reduce your energy and water consumption.

Total control and more

Controlling your electricity and gas consumption is the surest way to save money and the ultimate way to do this is through our Utilitywise Utility Management Plan.

We’ll ensure you’re on the right tariff and do a utility health check. Combined with an education programme to staff and the installation of correct controls, you’ll be able to see your business’s energy usage and do something about it.

By just getting your staff to help, you could reduce energy consumption by 33% and by taking control, a 20% reduction in utility costs will equal a 5% increase in sales.

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