The lowdown on Business Energy Contracts

Choosing a business energy contract can be like trying to navigate a minefield.

Learn about the different business energy contracts available and what type of business they’re best suited to.

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There’s so many different energy contract options for different business types – we know it’s super-hard trying to decide which one to go for.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it alone! We’re on hand to help you choose the contract that’s right for your business.

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Business Energy Contracts

  • fixed business energy contract icon

     Fixed Contracts

    A fixed contract is great for a small business with a set budget for utilities. This gives you a set unit price for your energy that will stay the same for up to 5 years (no matter what happens in the market). The more energy efficient you are, the lower your bills stay.

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  • fixed-flex business energy contract icon

    FixedFlex Contracts

    This contract gives you the stability of fixed prices throughout the length of your contract but also the flexibility to take advantage of falling market prices. This is perfect for small businesses who want budget certainty but would happily extend their contracts if the  price drops.

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  • pass through business energy contract icon

    Pass Through Contracts

    Pass Through contracts will fix the wholesale price of your energy, however all other non-commodity costs will be variable based on your usage.  Manufacturers could benefit from this contract as they are more likely to have the flexibility to alter when they use energy.

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  • flexible business energy contract icon

    Flexible Contracts

    Flexible contracts are a lot more complicated and are made for large businesses in a position to trade in a constantly changing energy market. These contracts rely on the ability to understand the energy market and to buy and sell energy, taking risks where needed.

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  • green business energy contract icon

    Green Energy

    Green (renewable) Energy differs from brown energy in that it comes from natural sources such as plants and sunlight rather than fossil fuels. This is a great contract for businesses that want to become more sustainable as we work with suppliers of 100% renewable energy.

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  • low credit bad credit business energy contract icon

    Low Credit Rating

    There’s many different scenarios that could lead to your business having low/no credit, such as opening a brand new business or being in a risky sector such as pubs and clubs. We work with many suppliers that can help you, even if you’ve been refused a contract elsewhere.

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Hopefully this rundown of UK business energy contracts has helped clarify the different types of contract you could choose from.

Don’t forget, we’re still on hand to help you make the final decision. Just give us a call on 0330 303 3303 and we’ll jump straight to it.
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  • We’ll get prices from different suppliers and give you the convenience of viewing all tariffs in one place.

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  • We’re just really nice people. Since we’re independent and transparent, our objective is to find the right contract for your business.

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