You could reduce your energy bills by 33%

You could reduce your energy bills by 33%

Find the right business energy and water contract for your business and join over 30,000 businesses in Birmingham and the UK that procure their energy with Utilitywise.

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Stop worrying about energy bills

Stay focused on your business and let us look after your energy – you can reduce your energy usage by up to 33% and 45% on water usage with Utilitywise’s patented monitoring & control technology.

Running your own business takes time, effort and money. You’re too busy being a marketing director, an accountant, and a salesman to deal with your energy supplier.

High energy bills are the last thing you want to deal with – Let Utilitywise help you take control and we will get you the best energy and water deal for your business.

You're not alone

Did you know…

58% of businesses think their energy bills are hard to understand.

75% of business owners never check their energy bills.

Out-of-contract energy prices can be 82% higher than normal.

Estimated energy bills can cause real problems for business owners like you. Take advantage of our no-obligation free bill checking service.

One of our customers was billed over £15,000 based on estimated readings – but after we worked with their supplier to fix the problem, their actual bill was £163.75.

Our fast fix for your energy bill problems

The Utilitywise Bill Checking Service


Send us your energy bills.


We'll check them in less than an hour.

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If you’re owed money, we’ll get it back for you.

Try these services as well

FREE mobile energy monitoring software - so you can stay on top of overheads wherever you are.

FREE meter reading service - so your bills are always accurate and NEVER estimated.

FREE online energy efficiency training - so you can use less and spend less.

FREE energy helpline - just call 0330 303 3303 to get your energy problems solved.

Sound good?

Solve your energy bill problems today

Get in touch and we'll take the problem off your hands.

How Utilitywise can help you

More time

More time

Spend more time on your business and less time on your energy supplier.

Less hassle

Less hassle

Forget about your energy bills and let us worry about them for you.

More money

More money

You could end up spending less on your energy after a free bill check.

“I have been impressed by Utilitywise and my assigned team members. I have found them to be proactive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The range of services is vast and any new service or product offering is always communicated in detail for the non-utility expert.

“Utilitywise has definitely saved us time and hassle when it comes to our energy procurement. Keep up the good work.”

Ian O'Brien
Buyer, thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) Limited

“We have worked with Utilitywise for several years and always found them to be professional and knowledgeable. With their help, we moved away from our fixed term and contract approach to energy procurement and opted for their Risk Managed Portfolio service. The savings we have achieved have been stunning and I would highly recommend Utilitywise to any company that likes reducing their overheads!”

Dave Robson
Operations Director, Shipley Brothers Ltd

“Phil has been really professional from the time I started dealing with him back in April. At the time we were unsure about our contracts with energy suppliers due to great upheaval at the centre.  Phil was helpful all the way, really professional about the way he conducted conversations, and even before he had the centre as a client, identified problems with the account we had got and helped us to sort it all out. He identified that we were paying tax too high as a charity, something our own supplier did not point out to us even though they knew we were a charity. As a result, Phil got over £800 back to the centre, which is a large sum of money for a little community centre. As a result, the board decided to go with Utilitywise as a broker as they fully appreciated the work Phil had put in, and how concerned he was about our community centre. Since Phil has been helping we have had problems which he has immediately helped us with, and it is such a good thing to have on the end of the phone to help us through. He has also highlighted all the different training and advice that Utilitywise offers us now we are a client, and has been professional, extremely helpful and a real help to us throughout.”

Tansy Spencer
Community Centre

“Over previous years I have spent a considerable amount of time contacting different suppliers to obtain competitive prices for gas and electric. As we are a Town Council, effectively we are spending ratepayers money, so a best price and deal was always required. Utilitywise took over for me and enabled me to carry on with day to day tasks. They then came back with a few options on pricing and deals allowing me to just the select the one that was required and the new contract was put into place. When the fixed term has finished, I sincerely hope that Victoria from Utilitywise contacts me again to renegotiate a new contact.”

Susan C Evans
Town Council

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