Become a Partner

Become a Partner

The Utilitywise Partner Channel can help your members and clients reduce their energy and water consumption.

Join the Utilitywise Partner Channel and you could generate additional revenue for your business

The Utilitywise Partner Channel is a way for businesses and sub-brokers to introduce Utilitywise products to their clients or members. By introducing Utilitywise to your contacts, you can receive a regular income based on the sales achieved.

Energy sales can be a long game, and they can be very technical. We make it easy for you to track the progress of your sales. When you join the Partner Channel, we’ll give you access to Tesla, our unique customer relationship management software.

With Tesla, all of our Partners can quickly view their sales pipeline. Partners taking a more active role in the sale can manage and control the sales process.

How the Partner Channel can help you

We’ll give you specialist support and help when you’re marketing to your contacts. We’ll also answer any questions they may have about their energy contracts, and advise them on ways to save energy.

We will do everything we can to make sure that you generate additional, regular income from your contacts, and help you make sure your clients benefit from better energy prices, energy savings, and carbon reduction.

There are three factors in each partnership:

  • Relationship level: depends on your experience in handling energy sales and the amount of time you want to spend selling.
  • Products selection: depending upon your relationship level you can choose which Utilitywise products are offered to your members or clients.
  • Branding level: you can choose the level of your branding that is presented on the offering to your members or clients.

By bringing Utilitywise products into your business, you are offering a valuable service to your clients. Energy is a major cost for almost all businesses, and our products allow you to offer a genuine cost-saving to your clients. By helping them to reduce their energy usage, you are bringing them a year-on-year benefit.

These additional energy services can increase your member recruitment figures and increase member loyalty, all while generating a source of revenue for you.

Who can become a Partner?

Utilitywise Partners come in all shapes and sizes. We’re happy to work with you, whether you’re a one-man consultancy or a large business association.

  • Professional services firms can offer our products to their clients.
  • Franchisors use us to offer their franchisees a better deal on their energy.
  • Telemarketing and other sales organisations use us to quickly introduce a technically demanding product to their sales calls.
  • Business clubs and trade bodies have Partnered with us so that they can offer energy products to their membership.
  • Business-to-business companies have become Partners to sell additional products alongside their core offering.

Not into sales?

Our Partners often worry that they won’t have the time or technical expertise to make full use of the services we offer. We offer a range of relationship levels designed to match your time constraints and help you get the most value from our products. For example, as a Lead Generator all you have to do is upload your client data into our customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Better service

We make sure both you and your clients are delighted with the products and the service. One of our key drivers is making sure that the sale you’ve worked so hard for actually goes live. We have an entire department dedicated to tracking and resolving the kind of administrative obstacles that can prevent a sale being processed by the energy supplier.

We have the highest go-live rate in the industry. Sales made through us are more likely to complete – which means more revenue for you.

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Become a Partner

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