Christmas is coming – don’t let your energy bill get fat!

Christmas is coming – don’t let your energy bill get fat!

Follow these super simple steps to avoid a high energy bill in the New Year.

Whether you’re shutting the doors for just Christmas Day, the bank holidays or a couple of weeks, the festive break is a good opportunity to look at all things energy and where you can make some efficiencies. By checking a few things before closing, you can enjoy the holidays knowing your utilities aren’t going to give you a fright when you get back.

Don’t heat an empty office

Sounds obvious right? It’s great to keep the office toasty when your staff are working during the frosty winter months but it doesn’t make much sense to keep the heating on when the building is empty. Just set a timer for the morning you return – you don’t want January turning your employees blue.

Ditch the standby setting

Computers and printers need a break too! Make sure they’re unplugged rather than just on standby to save energy and some pennies at the same time. Keep your servers switched on though – you don’t want to lose all your hard work!

Take meter readings

Taking meter readings for your energy and water when you shut down and then again when you open means that you can monitor if anything’s been running that shouldn’t be whilst you’ve been closed. You can then locate the problem and get it sorted to avoid any unnecessary costs on future bills.

Last one out, turn off the lights

Your Christmas tree in reception might look great with all the twinkly lights but if you forget to turn them off, they could end up costing you (not to mention, it’s a fire hazard)! By switching them off at night (and over the break), you won’t waste energy when nobody is there to admire them. Set them up with a timer so you don’t need to worry about forgetting.

Don’t forget the main lights too! Before you lock the doors, do a quick sweep of the building to check lights are switched off.

Finally…fix your energy contract to avoid any price increases over the festive season

Fixed price contracts are great for avoiding any potential energy price rises. You’ll lock in your prices for the lifetime of your contract at the unit rate you agree at the start. With us you can fix prices for up to five years and even if your contract’s not up for renewal for another 12 months, you can put your next one in place using today’s energy prices. Think of it as an early Christmas present!


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