Celebrating double nomination at the Energy Awards

Celebrating double nomination at the Energy Awards

We’re delighted that we’ve been shortlisted for two awards at the annual Energy Awards! The ceremony is this December and we’re really looking forward to the night.

The Energy Awards celebrate excellence and are highly respected within the industry. This year we’ve had nominations for:

  • Energy Buying Team of the Year
  • Lighting Energy Impact Award

We’re really proud of our nominations

Energy Buying Team of the Year

Ensuring our clients are able to make informed decisions with their energy is one of our top priorities, so the ability to cater specific contracts and solutions to suit their individual circumstances is highly important. We offer our clients a range of different fixed and flexible procurement options to make sure they have the right deal for them, not us.

Our specialist team have an extensive knowledge of the electricity, gas, water, oil, coal, and carbon markets, and the fundamentals driving them. With this knowledge, we’re able to provide a range of easily digestible market reports for our clients that provide invaluable insight.

One key area we assist with is Triad forecasts. Previously, one of our clients saved a huge £800,000 by acting on insight from our Triad Alert service. During the winter of 2017/18 we called all three Triads, issuing just nine red alerts, lower than any other TPI or energy supplier. We know that our clients have other things aside from energy to focus on, that’s we strive to issue as few alerts as possible to make sure they’re free to carry on with their day-to-day business activities.

We also offer a Long-Term Price Forecast Report that provides pricing and non-commodity cost increases for the next five years. Our clients find the report vital when making long-term critical business decisions and justifying investment opportunities.

Lighting Energy Impact Award – Utilitywise and Prolog Innovative Lighting Solution

We’ve been working with Promotional Logistics Limited (Prolog) since 2015. Energy efficiency is key to Prolog and as part of their bespoke Strategic Utility Management Plan with Utilitywise, we arranged for our Energy Services experts to visit their site to explore further cost savings.

As a third-party logistics provider, Prolog operates from a campus of warehouses 24/7. Our initial on-site investigations found that lighting formed a large percentage of their total electrical spend.

Our team designed and modelled a new lighting system using LEDs and featuring intelligent DALI dimmable controls throughout Prolog’s warehouses. The buildings now automatically operate when staff are present and after a programmable time period, lights dim for a further duration, before finally being turned off. As part of a robust aM&T (automatic monitoring and targeting) service and to verify the savings the new lighting brings, an energy monitoring system was also installed. This provides ongoing measurement for the Prolog Management Team.

Our solution for Prolog has produced some key savings worth shouting about:

  • 83% reduction achieved following install of new lighting system
  • 3,500 kg/CO2 saved with the new lighting system

“We have been impressed by Utilitywise and their knowledge and capabilities of smart building technology. They quickly grasped an understanding of our business and the way we worked providing us with a sound recommendation. By trusting their expertise we have improved our working environment and made significant cost savings.”

Lee Williams, Facilities Manager, Prolog.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Our teams work really hard every day to ensure our clients get the right solutions for their businesses so it’s great to have been nominated for two awards. We’re looking forward to the ceremony in December and would be delighted to win! Best of luck to all our fellow nominees too!

Intelligent buildings, smarter business

As well as lighting solutions we provide a wider portfolio of services that include our IoT-enabled Building Energy Management controls, CHP, solar and batteries. Our lighting solution should also be considered in relation to a smarter energy procurement strategy, so that you’re not penalised for energy reduction initiatives. With non-commodity charges set to rise rapidly in the next few years, Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) coming online, and ESOS reports proving the case for lighting, there’s never been a better time to take action.

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