How many hosepipe bans are on the horizon?

How many hosepipe bans are on the horizon?

As we move through July, England is set to see its first hosepipe ban of the year as United Utilities issues a temporary order. Affecting seven million people in the north-west, the ban will start on 5 August 2018. This, United Utilities say, will ‘safeguard essential supplies’.

This follows the ban issued in Northern Ireland by NI Water at the end of June, the first time such restrictions had been put in place since 1995. These actions have been brought on by extended periods of hot weather with exceptionally low rainfall.

Do hosepipe bans work?

Research into the effectiveness of hosepipe bans suggest that there is a positive effect, albeit a very small one. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that of the average 142 litres of water a person uses per day, only around 1% is used on the garden and 1% on the car.

A report prepared for the Environment Agency (EA) examined the last widespread bans in 2006 and 2012. Data was inconclusive in 2012, due to the heavy rainfall that almost immediately followed the ban. However, evidence gathered for 2006 showed a fall in water usage of about 10% that proved to be statistically significant.

Cause to worry?

Despite the warnings, the country’s water supplies are not yet in danger. Monthly area reports from the EA show that most groundwater and reservoir supplies were normal or above normal at the end of June, with only some areas below normal and worse.

Hosepipe bans


However, with more hot weather predicted this situation may change and it can be expected that water companies in other regions may begin to issue bans of their own.

Improve your water efficiency

When hosepipe bans are in place, being careful not to waste water becomes even more important. Our Water Consultants have an expert understanding of the industry, current legislation, and environmental responsibilities. We can help identify any leaks and areas of wastage.

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