The complete a-z of your flexible energy bills

The complete a-z of your flexible energy bills

Cut through the jargon of your flexible energy bills with our A-Z guide. Understand all the charges involved and what you can do to control and lower your costs.

Our A-Z guide will show you all the potential charges that could appear on your flexible electricity and gas invoices. However, which specific charges are shown on your actual energy bills will depend on your individual supply contract, energy supplier, and billing method.

Reduce your energy bills

To help keep things simple we’ve labelled different charges from A to Z, grouping similar charges together. We’ve also colour-coded each charge so you can quickly see which utility (electricity or gas) it relates to:

  • Charges circled in red relate only to your electricity bill
  • The charges circled in purple can appear on bills for both electricity and gas supplies
  • Charges circled in blue are only relevant to your gas bill

The guide outlines how a joined-up, strategic approach to utility management will help you to buy better, visualise your usage and reduce your charges.

To download your copy of the Utilitywise A-Z of flexible energy bills, simply click here.

Combining cost control with strong strategies

The ability to control your energy costs, such as rising non-commodity charges, combined with a strong energy buying strategy can help you make significant savings on your flexible bills.

Here at Utilitywise, we aim to educate our clients on the energy market, the factors driving it, the impact it has, and how they can manage any risk. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of the energy market; our people are highly regarded within the industry and are specialists in their respective fields.

In 2017 we were recognised for our expertise and were honored to win Energy Buying Team of the year at the TELCAs. This reflects our proven track record in buying both flexible, and fixed, energy supply contracts. Last year, we locked-in savings of over £4.2million for our clients, despite the market being in an uptrend.

For more help with understanding your energy bills, flexible energy procurement, or to find out how we can help you control all your energy-related costs, contact us on 01527 511 757 or email

Alternatively, you can download our guide here.

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