High 5’s for Utilitywise

High 5’s for Utilitywise

The TELCA shortlist has been announced and we’re delighted to have been nominated for 5 awards.

Next month, on Thursday 28 June in London, the sixth edition of The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCAs) will take place. We’re delighted to announce Utilitywise has been shortlisted for a fantastic five awards at TELCA 2018!


Our mission is to help clients build a better business by being smarter with their utilities. We have an award-winning buying team, a proven track record, and a unique set of solutions underpinned by cutting-edge IoT technology.

We are at the forefront of changes in our marketplace. From Smart Procurement to Intelligent Buildings and Trusted Compliance we have the products, services and solutions to benefit businesses of all sizes. Our innovative IoT-enabled controls solutions are set to revolutionise the market with over 1,200 sites already ‘intelligent’.


Understanding the complexities of the utilities market is a core part of our business model. It’s one of the key reasons why our clients choose to work with us. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and our advice we are giving them should be the best that the industry has to offer.


Our mission is to educate our clients on the energy market, the factors driving it, the impact it has and how to manage these risks. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of the energy market; our people are highly regarded within the industry and are specialists in their respective fields.

Since 2014 our flex trading teams have delivered combined savings of £65m for our flexible procurement clients. This equates to £50.7m saved on electricity and £14.8m saved on gas.

Last year we were recognised for our expertise and were honored to win Energy Buying Team of the year at the TELCAs 2017. This reflects our proven track record in buying both fixed and flexible energy supply contracts.


A key area where Utilitywise advises its clients is our Triad forecast model. Our alert service has successfully identified all three Triads year on year.

Paul Anderson is the creator of our Triad Forecast model. For clients exposed to these Triads, this has saved them thousands in their electricity transmission charges through demand reductions. The evolution of the Triad Forecast model has seen continual improvements, including fewest red alerts. It is vital for businesses that they are not forced to react too often, otherwise the costs of lost production will surpass the savings in energy costs.

Our model created by Paul also successfully predicted the first Friday Triad a few years ago, a feat that many suppliers own models failed to achieve.


With 32 years of industry experience in carbon and energy management, Russ Monkman leads a team of 12 Carbon consultants including 4 ESOS Lead Assessors. Russ is an ESOS Lead Assessor with the Energy Institute; Chartered Energy Manager; ISO 50001 Lead Auditor and the ESOS, CCA and ISO 50001 customer portfolio lead for Utilitywise.

In Phase 1 of ESOS Russ led a team which identified 2,829 individual energy efficiency opportunities, equivalent to 461GWh or £43.9m of annual savings across 1,148 individual audits. The team also helped over 300 ESOS Phase 1 clients avoid combined penalties of over £48m.

Russ is currently supporting our clients with Phase 2 of their ESOS. To find out more about our service click here. You can also read Russ’ latest blog, regarding SECR, here.

We’re looking forward to the event and keeping our fingers crossed for success on the night. Best of luck to all our fellow nominees too!

To find out more about the TELCAs click here.

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