Environment Agency seeks to raise the bar of ESOS Lead Assessors

Environment Agency seeks to raise the bar of ESOS Lead Assessors

It appears the Environment Agency is keen to implement increased rigour around lead assessor qualifications and professional standards, so how will this impact ESOS phase 2?

ESOS phase 1 is behind us and many businesses are starting the process of phase 2. To comply you need to appoint a lead assessor to check that your assessment meets ESOS requirements. All lead assessors must be a member of an approved register, and given its importance, it seems it’s getting progressively tougher to be one.

Driving up the quality of lead assessors

We understand that for ESOS phase 2 there will be increased rigour around lead assessor qualifications and professional standards. It appears the Environment Agency (EA) is determined to achieve greater standardisation across the various registers in use and clamp down on poor quality auditing.

This is reassuring news for businesses that need to comply for two reasons:

  1. By employing a high quality lead assessor you are more likely to comply without any issues.
  2. A reputable lead assessor will deliver a better service and deliver a true reflection of the energy saving opportunities available. This means you have a better blueprint to work from to implement the savings outlined.

In related news it’s great to hear that the EA has renewed the Energy Institute as an approved lead assessor register for phase 2 of ESOS.

Credibility is key

Our advice has been consistent since we launched our ESOS offering during phase 1 – make sure you partner with a fully qualified lead assessor from one of the credible registers.

As a business we are proud that our in-house team includes Chartered Energy Managers via the Energy Institute, along with members of other ESOS lead assessor registers including Elmhurst, Energy Managers Association, RPEC and CIBSE. On a personal level I am a Chartered Energy Manager with the Energy Institute and a trained ISO 50001 Lead Auditor.

Want us to be your lead assessor?

If you need to comply with ESOS and want us to act on your behalf then get in touch. Call us on 01527 511 757 or click here  to download our ESOS phase 2 flyer here.


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