Will you go the extra mile with compliance?

Will you go the extra mile with compliance?

When it comes to compliance you want to do the right thing, but unless you’re legally obliged to take immediate action then business as usual often comes first. We’re on a mission to redefine how you view compliance, and make it easier for you to seize your opportunities.

At Utilitywise, we’re on a mission to redefine utilities management and we believe carbon compliance doesn’t have to be a headache. Our aim is cut carbon and the complexities surrounding it. Compliance is often a necessity, but if you can achieve it simply and effectively you’ll have more time and energy to make the most out of it and go the extra mile! This can further reduce your costs whilst raising your Corporate Social Responsibility profile.

Our expert, in-house team prioritise your compliance requirements so you don’t have to. We deliver professional, best-in-class compliance solutions that save you time, money and CO2. That leaves you with the time, peace of mind, and energy to focus on your business.

We can help you with a whole range of energy and carbon compliance schemes as part of our strategic utilities management solutions. You can discover the breadth of services we offer by downloading our brochure.

strategic utilities solutions brochure download

Some of the compliance schemes we can help with include:

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – the aim of ESOS is to reduce energy consumption, and compliance with the scheme will highlight areas where you can make significant improvements to your energy efficiency. ESOS runs in four-yearly compliance periods and we’re now in Phase 2. However, we can still help you comply with Phase 1 even if you’ve received an enforcement notice from the Environment Agency. There’s more than one way we can help you go the extra mile with ESOS compliance:

  • You can take the ISO 50001 route to compliance, rather than the standard ESOS audit route, which will make future compliance reporting easier and help you to continually improve your energy performance.
  • Once you’re compliant, we’re on hand to help you implement any energy saving recommendations identified in your ESOS report. Savings achieved from this could even cover the cost of compliance.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) – you may not be overly familiar with this yet, but MEES will take effect from April this year. This legislation will mean that new leases can’t be granted to properties that hold an F or G Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. It’s thought that this affects nearly a fifth of all EPC building stock. Our team of accredited Energy Assessors have completed over 1,400 EPCs in the last 10 years and can help you comply with MEES, avoid loss of earnings and a potential £150,000 penalty, and even go beyond the requirements to help you achieve an even higher EPC rating.

Climate Change Agreements (CCA) – these are voluntary agreements made with the Environment Agency to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. The scheme is incentivised by a significant discount from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) of up to 90% on electricity bills and 65% on other fuels. The average success rate for the scheme in the recent second target period was 9% higher for Utilitywise clients than for the scheme as a whole. That means our clients are more likely to secure their valuable rebates. You can achieve CCA compliance and do more than just the bare minimum; we can help you to exceed your targets through an energy efficiency plan.

We have a single solution to your compliance needs

We believe the best way to get the most out of your compliance requirements is to align these activities with your business goals. That’s why our approach is to find a single solution to all your energy and water management issues, so that you can tackle them all with one joined-up approach.

strategic utilities solutions brochure download

If you have any specific compliance requirements, or would like to find out more about our strategic utility solutions, call us on 01527 511 757 or check out our website.

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