Redefining utilities management

Redefining utilities management

Our mission is to help you build a better business by being smarter with your utilities. Innovative solutions from Utilitywise will redefine your utilities management.

There are many challenges facing major energy users today. One of the biggest is the rapid rise of non-commodity costs. Already accounting for 55% of your electricity bill, this portion will increase significantly to 66% by 2020. In the past, buying energy at the right time was the priority. Now, the majority of your bill isn’t the commodity cost, as the additional charges relating to transmission, Climate Change Levy (CCL) and Feed-in Tariff (FiT) etc have taken over.

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Managing both sides of your meter

The solution to controlling your energy costs and minimising the impact of rising prices is to create a defined strategy covering both commodity and non-commodity costs.

At Utilitywise, we provide bespoke energy and water plans that will minimise and manage all of your energy and water costs. We’re the perfect partner for forward-thinking businesses looking to buy better, cut consumption and shift usage from peak times.

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We are able to operate and positively influence both sides of your utility meters with a wide variety of tailored solutions. On the ‘supply side’ we can support buying better with smart, fixed and flexible procurement contracts and bill validation. Plus, on the ‘demand side’, we can provide actionable insights into your utilities usage with our cutting-edge building controls and bureau solutions.

To find out more about how we can help with all your energy and water requirements, download our brochure here.

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Create your Strategic Utility Management Plan          

A recent survey by PwC found that only one third of businesses have a defined and documented energy strategy. For those that don’t, this shows a disconnection between energy issues and corporate strategy. That’s where we can help; we’ll work with you to create a unique plan that’s tailored to your individual requirements and meets your business goals.

We’re redefining the way organisations manage their energy and water requirements giving control back to the end user. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business goals and challenges so we can create and implement a tailored Strategic Utility Management Plan to suit your needs.

Our approach ensures your plan is constantly reviewed and refined – it’s an ongoing cycle. Your plan will minimise your risk, control your consumption, manage your costs, and lower your carbon footprint. Our services are designed in such a way as to complement each other – taking multiple services as part of a bespoke Strategic Utility Management Plan will maximise the impact on your bottom line.

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