ESOS amnesty: Phase 1 compliance in record time

ESOS amnesty: Phase 1 compliance in record time

ESOS remains a hot topic as the Environment Agency (EA) continues to issue ESOS enforcement notices to non-compliant organisations. Utilitywise is encouraging businesses to take swift action and find out if they could achieve compliance in 10 days by signing up to the ESOS amnesty.

Have you recently received an ESOS enforcement notice from the EA for Phase 1 compliance? If so, take note – the EA are following up non-compliance and they’re not afraid to issue fines.

The good news is Utilitywise is here to help you – join our ESOS amnesty and we’ll quickly open a dialogue with the EA to start you on your compliance journey. The better news is you could be compliant far sooner than you think. A lot of organisations have put-off compliance, anticipating it will be a lengthy and complex process. 57% of major energy users we surveyed regarding Phase 1 in April 2015 thought it would take between three and six months to comply*. But what if you could achieve compliance in 10 days?

A leading sports marketing agency contacted Utilitywise looking for assistance with ESOS Phase 1 and, with our help, just 10 days after signing up to our service they were fully compliant with the scheme.

“This is the perfect example to show it’s not too late to do something about ESOS Phase 1 compliance. For this client compliance had fallen off the radar, but in the end they worked hard with us to achieve compliance in a timely manner, which delivered a suite of energy efficiency savings. If you’ve received an enforcement notice from the EA you’re not on your own, and we can help. Contact Utilitywise Carbon Solutions today and we can look after the process from here. We have a dedicated team of Lead Assessors and highly trained energy auditors and analysts ready to assist you on your compliance journey, who will work hard to ensure your compliance as soon as possible.” Sam Davidson, Head of Service Solutions at Utilitywise plc.

This won’t be a one-off occurrence. Many businesses receiving enforcement notices from the EA are looking for a fast and reliable ESOS compliance partner. Earlier this year, the EA released a newsletter stating there were still 500 organisations that should have complied but had so far failed to engage. At that time, they had already served 300 enforcement notices to bring those organisations into compliance. More are on the way.

You’re at a greater risk of fines if you ignore an enforcement notice. Whether you’ve received one or not, it’s still not too late to take action on ESOS. You’ll mitigate the risk of costly fines and open the door to improving efficiency and making significant savings.

In a worst-case scenario fines can be:

  • Failure to undertake an energy audit: £50,000 plus £500 per day for a maximum of 80 days, plus;
  • Failure to comply with a compliance notice, an enforcement notice or a penalty notice: £50,000 plus £500 per day for a maximum of 80 days.

Utilitywise is here to help you with ESOS Phase 1 compliance. We think it’s a fantastic initiative that’s well-worth taking part in. We’ve helped over 270 clients achieve ESOS Phase 1 compliance; on average we found savings of three times the cost of compliance, with an average of 18% kWh savings per organisation. In total, we identified 2.3 million tonnes worth of CO2 savings, which, to put it into perspective, is the equivalent of 1,138 Wembley Stadiums full of carbon. Our clients have also collectively avoided a staggering £48,000,000 in penalties.

Our advice is don’t delay ESOS compliance any further. Whether you’ve received an ESOS enforcement notice or not, take action today.

Join the ESOS amnesty.

*Utilitywise ESOS Phase 1 survey of 206 major energy users.

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