Utilitywise nominated for 3 Energy Awards

Utilitywise nominated for 3 Energy Awards

The next annual Energy Awards event is less than 3 weeks away, and we’re excited to have 3 nominations!

The Energy Awards celebrate excellence and are highly respected within the industry. The 2017 ceremony will take place on Wednesday 6 December at the Hilton Park Lane, London.

This year, Utilitywise is proud to be on the shortlist for the following three awards:

  • Energy Buying Team of the Year.
  • TPI (Broker) of the Year.
  • Energy Data Collection and Analysis – intelligent buildings.

Here’s what the nominations mean to us:

Energy Buying Team of the Year

We’re proud to say we won this equivalent award earlier in the year at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCAs) and we’d be delighted to be recognised as Energy Buying Team of the Year again in December.

We can offer our clients a range of both fixed and flexible procurement options. Our goal is to ensure that clients are able to make informed decisions relating to their energy needs and select suitable contracts catered to their individual circumstances.

We have a specialist team with extensive knowledge of the electricity, gas, water, oil, coal, and carbon markets, and the fundamentals driving them. We’re able to provide a range of easily digestible market reports depending on our clients’ needs. One key area where we can help is Triad forecastsDuring the winter of 2016/17 we hit all three Triad periods, issuing just ten red alerts, lower than any other TPI or supplier. By issuing fewer alerts we ensure our clients are not unnecessarily disrupted from their day-to-day business practices.

We can also offer clients a Long-Term Price Forecast Report which details delivered pricing for the next five years and illustrates the growing proportion of non-commodity costs; it can be referenced when making critical business decisions and justifying investment opportunities.

TPI of the Year (Broker)

One of our key strategic priorities is “Customers for Life”. We work to build relationships based on trust and deliver on the promises we make. When clients decide to work with Utilitywise, they collaborate with a passionate team who want to make a real difference. In an industry where customers have very low trust in the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, our customer satisfaction scores are a testament to the investment that we make in service delivery. We have a Net Promoter Score of +69*. A score above +40 is considered world-class. This highlights the strong relationships we have with our clients.

We deliver results for our clients; we saved our flexible procurement clients £63,000,000 between 2014-2017, and we’ve helped our ESOS Phase 1 clients avoid over £48,000,000 in penalties (based on maximum fines). By creating and delivering a Strategic Utility Management Plan for you, we can ensure you benefit from better managed procurement and utility reduction services that improve how you think about and use energy and water.

Energy Data Collection and Analysis – intelligent buildings

Our mission is to help clients build a better business by being smarter with their utilities and enabling them to control costs on both sides of the meter. By buying better, cutting consumption, and shifting usage, clients can control both their commodity and non-commodity costs with the help of our IoT-enabled Intelligent Building Controls solutions.

Our integrated platform of apps and services are all the utility management tools and features our clients need to meter, monitor, control, report, and display their building management activities across multiple devices from desktop to smartphone; providing access anytime, from anywhere. For large consumers, our Intelligent Building solutions can integrate and control lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), security, refrigeration, point of sale – the list is endless. Intelligent Buildings can unlock closed protocols and bring disparate systems together via a single platform with a single maintenance and licence plan. Operational savings of up to 20% are easily achievable and ROI can be less than 12 months as our solution can be set up quickly and in a non-intrusive manner.

Through our solutions, organisations can control and reduce their energy consumption in a way that will not impact their day to day activities. Informative reporting produced by our Bureau team, and accompanying software suites, can be used to enhance employee and customer engagement with energy efficiency measures, serving as an educational tool.

Due to the inherent flexibility of our Intelligent Buildings solution, we can roll out this service across the UK, and globally.

Hoping for success

We’re hoping to take home these 3 awards on 6 December, so wish us luck!

You can find out more about the Energy Awards here.

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