Enlightening solutions at Lux Live 2017

Enlightening solutions at Lux Live 2017

Taking part on 15-16 November 2017 at Excel in London, Utilitywise is delighted to be part of the Gooee IoT Arena at Lux Live 2017.

Lux Live is Europe’s largest lighting event that brings together specifiers, end users, and manufacturers of lighting solutions by providing an unparalleled platform to showcase a vast array of innovative products and services.

Enter the IoT arena for innovative solutions

We’ll be on the Gooee IoT Arena stand throughout the two-day event speaking with visitors about our intelligent building IoT-enabled control solutions. Gooee Is a team Of experienced lighting and software specialists, focused on providing exceptional enterprise IoT solutions to the lighting world.

On both days on the IoT Arena we’ll be hosting dedicated break-out sessions focused on intelligent buildings and IoT. Plus on Thursday 16 November we’ll be presenting at 1pm in the IoT Arena explaining ‘How IoT is set to revolutionise building management’. So, if you’ve already got a Building Management System (BMS) and you want it to talk to your internet-connected lighting we’ll explain how it can be done and the key benefits. Our expert speaker, Neil O’Sullivan, will delve into the implications and outline a solution for total system integration.

To register your place, visit the Lux Live page here.

You can contact us on 01527 511 757, or by emailing us at corporate@utilitywise.com to find out more about our Intelligent Building Controls and Lighting Solutions.

Amy Shaw

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