Huge surge in building automation predicted

Huge surge in building automation predicted

According to recent research by GlobalInfoResearch the intelligent building automation technologies market is expected to reach €95.95 billion by 2022.

A different study by Navigant Research shows a rise in global commercial building automation from $67.1 billion in 2016 to $102.0 billion in 2025. Key drivers for growth include rising energy costs, government regulation, sustainability targets, and the aim to create better working environments for employees.

How can building automation help businesses?

Intelligent building automation technologies can control all business critical systems at your facility. From heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) to electricity, lighting, security, and fire.

Sensors and controls play a pivotal role in the automation of buildings. In the industrial and commercial sector the building automation concept is also known as smart buildings or intelligent buildings. The interconnectivity of devices and an intelligent way to collate, analyse, and automatically act upon insights gained are key to building automation success.

What does the future hold?

Continual improvements in technology mean the applications for building automation are expanding by the day. Commercial building owners, corporate real estate firms and facilities managers are increasingly looking to upgrade their facilities where possible to cut operational costs and improve the value of the building itself. In addition, legislation such as the upcoming Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) and others are highlight the need for efficient building stock and shining a light on the savings that businesses can make.

Utilitywise can help you create intelligent buildings and a smarter business

A Building Automation System (BAS) can revolutionise the way you manage your properties. Our IoT-enabled solutions can support business of all sizes to lower their energy bills, improve efficiencies, and reduce wastage.

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