Maximise energy efficiency with quality MEES assessments

Maximise energy efficiency with quality MEES assessments

Historically, Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) have widely been regarded as a tick-box compliance exercise. However with the impending introduction of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations next year, this could be about to change.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are a legal requirement for any building constructed, sold, or let with the intention that a prospective buyer/tenant considers the EPC rating as part of their purchasing decision. EPCs provide an energy efficiency rating for a building. A is the best rating achievable and G is the worst, signifying the building is very inefficient. However, it has become far too common that the EPC purely satisfies the legal requirement to allow a transaction to take place, with little emphasis on the actual EPC rating. MEES compliance aims to correct this.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES)

As of April 2018, it will become illegal to let any F or G rated EPC buildings. This will apply to all new leases and lease extensions. It’s estimated 15% of all commercial buildings will be impacted, with research suggesting potential capital value reductions between 0.7% and 11.6% per property.

The coming months represent an important period for any landlords, estates or property managers who will need to assess the risk of their building stocks and ensure they make improvements to any F or G rated properties.

 High Quality EPCs

There should be a shift in focus to ensure the quality and accuracy of EPC services across the market. Ratings now having a significant financial impact for many commercial landlord and property managers. Left unmanaged, an F or G rated property could be hit by loss of income if the building is unlettable. In addition, its market value will be cut and the owner could be hit with a penalty of up to £150,000 for non-compliance.

To get the most value from MEES compliance and your EPC you should take time to appoint a quality assessor and not just opt for the cheapest option.

 Utilitywise MEES compliance service

Utilitywise can utilise a large team of technical energy assessors and EPC experts, offering EPCs of the highest standard. We go above and beyond a tick-box compliance service. At Utilitywise, we offer true quality by delivering strategies to protect the value of our clients’ building estates. We can even tailor recommendations to advise on how to achieve even higher EPC ratings to further boost efficiencies and property value.

Utilitywise offer a fully managed, quality-focused MEES compliance service. Starting with an initial analysis of your EPC requirements, to delivering energy efficiency projects to upgrade your ratings, we make your buildings compliant, more energy efficient, and more valuable.

To learn more about our Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) compliance service and how we can support your business call us now on 01527 511 757download our MEES flyer, or email


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