A masterclass in energy markets and innovation

A masterclass in energy markets and innovation

Last week our Head of Strategy, Jon Ferris, spoke at the 8th Smart Grids Clean Power conference in Cambridge.

The two day conference hosted by CIR strategy was a masterclass in global technologies, energy markets and flexibility, and new Innovation.

It attracted a wealth of expert speakers from industry leaders such as IBM, ARM and Cambridge Consultants. Topics covered included energy markets, energy storage, grids, generation, software, blockchain, IoT, demand side response (DSR), distribution, security, and innovation.

On day 1, Jon spoke passionately about the energy market structure – what is changing and what needs to change. He also discussed how consumers can be more engaged, the importance of being Smart and developing a transactive grid. His insight was compelling and his awareness on point stating, “we don’t have a capacity problem, we have a flexibility problem.”

IOT Solutions

The following day, Jon held an engaging presentation about Internet of Things (IoT) and the positive impact this can have on running a business. He commented that up to “30% of energy in buildings is wasted”.

By making your buildings more intelligent, you can gain valuable insight, implement controls and overcome this issue. Saving businesses time and costs are just two more benefits that IoT solutions and controls can deliver, however big or small.

Intelligent buildings, smarter business

To find out more about the positive impact our IoT solutions can have on your business why not view our client testimonials or download our Intelligent Building Controls brochure here.

Intelligent Building Controls IOT


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