ESOS Phase 2 is here – don’t delay compliance

ESOS Phase 2 is here – don’t delay compliance

ESOS Phase 2 compliance shouldn’t be seen as a burden. It’s all there in the title – the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. As the scheme occurs in four-yearly phases it provides a great opportunity to continually improve your energy efficiency.

ESOS is a mandatory UK energy assessment and energy saving scheme requiring compliance by large organisations. For ESOS Phase 2, routes to compliance still include ESOS audits, ISO 50001, Display Energy Certificates (DECs), and Green Deal Assessments (although the government has stopped funding the Green Deal Finance Company).

Unless all your organisation’s total energy consumption is covered by ISO 50001, routes to compliance must cover 90% of an organisation’s total energy consumption and need sign-off from a qualified Lead Assessor. ESOS Phase 2 is now here and the deadline is 5 December 2019.

Fines for non-compliance are administered on a case by case basis, but can include:

  • An immediate £50,000 fine
  • £500 per day for up to 80 workings days

Seize your opportunity

ESOS isn’t simply tick-box exercise. It’s a real chance to improve the energy efficiency of your business and make significant cost savings.

We helped over 270 clients with their ESOS Phase 1 journey. Our compliance service identified 2,300,000m tonnes worth of CO2 savings – the equivalent of 1,138 Wembley Stadiums full of carbon!

When conducting ESOS audits we found the most common areas for energy saving recommendations were:

  • Lighting (24%)
  • Air Conditioning & boilers (10%)
  • Energy Management (14%)

The deadline is more than two years away, what’s the rush?

There are less than 1,000 days to comply with ESOS. By the deadline in 2019 up to around 10,000 organisations need to have complied. Reasons to make the most of your time:  

  • Quality Lead Assessors are limited. There’s only one for every 10 organisations – even fewer are accredited to the more well-known bodies.
  • Gain a head start against your competition. An early start means you can avoid any bottleneck in resources as the deadline approaches, as we believe the EA will be less lenient in terms of late compliance this phase.
  • Protect yourself. Allow plenty of time to track down and collate your data.
  • Ensure compliance. Start now to make sure you’re compliant on time. 40% of organisations still weren’t compliant 4 months after the Phase 1 deadline!
  • Start sooner, save sooner. You can achieve significant financial savings by improving energy efficiency. We forecast electricity prices will rise 25% by 2020. The sooner you comply, the sooner you can start implementing recommendations from your ESOS report.

Utilitywise can help you achieve ESOS Phase 2 compliance

Utilitywise is one of the UK’s leading and most innovative business energy and water consultancies. We can help you start your ESOS journey right away, whether you took part in Phase 1 or if you’re new to the scheme.

If you complied with ESOS in Phase 1, we can begin conducting ESOS audits now, to ensure the overall process runs as smoothly as possible. This will maximise the time we have to achieve ESOS Phase 2 compliance for your organisation.

Why choose Utilitywise?

  • We have a qualified in-house team that includes Lead Assessors and ISO 50001 Lead Auditors, who are members CIBSE, RPEC and the Energy Institute.
  • You can spread the cost. 42% of businesses didn’t budget for ESOS Phase 1*. With Utilitywise you can spread the cost over the next few years to protect budgets for 2019.
  • Compliance guaranteed. If you take our service and submit all necessary and complete data to us by 31 December 2018, we’ll guarantee your compliance.
  • Realise potential savings. Following compliance we can help you implement any energy saving opportunities identified. We’ve found average saving potential of 3 times the cost of compliance for our clients.

To download our ESOS Phase 2 guide click here.

Get started today

For more information about the Utilitywise ESOS compliance service you can visit our website or find updates at our blog.

If you’d like to speak with Utilitywise about beginning your ESOS Phase 2 journey call 01527 511 757 or email

*Utilitywise ESOS survey of 221 major energy users, February 2016


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