Investing in our colleagues

Investing in our colleagues

How and why we’re encouraging our colleagues to recognise their own success.

Building a people strategy that supports our business goals

Here at Utilitywise, our colleagues are at the heart of everything we do. We aren’t an asset business, so our people are the most critical element of our success.

At Utilitywise’s first Capital Markets Day in March, I presented a people strategy that provides a solid foundation for our (very ambitious) business goals and puts our colleagues at the front and centre of every decision and choice we make as a business. We know that our values, culture, and organisation design are key enablers that will help us achieve and exceed our goals, and I’m delighted to say that we’ve made significant progress in executing on that strategy.

Finding our values

In practice, our strategy begins with our organisational values and our company culture. What kind of behaviours do we need in order to achieve our goals? What kind of values help us create a safe, secure, fun, and enjoyable working environment?

Several discussions and consultations brought us to consensus:

  • Flawless execution: we work with pace and rigor in everything we deliver
  • Make a difference: all of our colleagues have a role to play in making a positive impact on our customers and the communities they live in
  • Collaboration: we are united in our mission to both transform and diversify the utilities market
  • Do the right thing: we trust our colleagues to provide our customers with the best solutions and advice, so that their businesses can be successful
  • Innovation: we’re constantly striving to find smarter ways of working

Our values reflect what’s really of importance to Utilitywise as an organisation and encourage us to improve on making it an even better place to work. However the strategy and values that support the strategy are just one piece of the puzzle.

What does this look like for our colleagues, day to day?

Bringing our values to life

Utilitywise has been a very successful business since its inception in 2006, and that doesn’t come without a lot of hard work from everybody involved with the company. Hand on heart, in the past we haven’t been good as we need to be at recognising our colleagues and their achievements … but we are changing that.

We’ve been focusing on recognition for a few weeks now, and all of our efforts come to a head on Monday 15 May in the form of Utilitywise’s very first Recognition Week. Every day next week, we’ll be handing out awards to the colleagues who go the extra mile and truly live and breathe our values. Even more exciting, every single person who receives an award will have been nominated by their peers.

It’s really important to us that our colleagues are recognised for their good work, whether it’s by members of their own team, their peers across the Utilitywise Group, or by their immediate line managers. Acknowledging our colleagues and their dedication creates a really positive environment for all of us – and that can only be a good thing for Utilitywise.

As Utilitywise’s People Operations Director, I’m very excited to be leading this project. Recognition is so important and I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues being celebrated on a more interactive level, in a way that allows every person in the business to be involved.

It’s a brilliant opportunity to put the spotlight on Utilitywise’s real unsung heroes – the people who share their knowledge and experience with others to help them perform better, who go the extra mile for our customers, who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and push for new and different ways of thinking.

That’s good for our organisation, and it’s even better for our customers.


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Adrienne McFarland

Posted by on Thursday, the 11. May at 16.35

Adrienne McFarland joined Utilitywise in January 2016 as HR Director. She was previously Director of Talent, Organisation Design and Leadership Development at Nestle UK Limited. Before that she spent 11 years at The Sage Group PLC in a variety of leadership roles, including Global Head of Talent, Regional HR Director for AAMEA, and Chief People Officer for the UK. Adrienne’s track record is about leading and delivering global change management programmes, on all areas of strategic HR, across global matrix organisations and leading international teams. This is achieved by working with CEOs and senior business leaders to deliver organisational goals through people. Adrienne is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and was featured in HR magazine’s list of Most influential Practitioners within the UK Manufacturing Sector in 2014.