ESOS Phase 2: Less than 1,000 days to go

ESOS Phase 2: Less than 1,000 days to go

There are now less than 1,000 days until the ESOS Phase 2 deadline in 2019. By this date, around 10,000 organisations need to comply. With roughly only one Lead Assessor to every 10 organisations – and even fewer Lead Assessors accredited to the most qualified bodies – time is of the essence.

Last year, major energy users told us they found collating all the necessary data to be the biggest hurdle in their compliance journey and this delayed the process for them. So we’d highly recommend starting ESOS Phase 2 compliance as soon as possible.

To help you get started we’re hosting an ESOS webinar.

ESOS Phase 2 webinar

Date: Thursday 30 March

Time: 11am – 11:40am

We’ll discuss what ESOS is, the routes you can take to compliance, and how you can best use your ESOS Recommendations Report to more than recoup compliance costs. Many organisations didn’t budget for ESOS Phase 1, but we’ve found average saving potential of 3 times the cost of compliance for our clients.

To register your free place for our ESOS webinar now click here.

3 reasons to start ESOS Phase 2 compliance today

  1. It’ll be a weight off your mind and you’ll gain a head start against your competitors. Tracking down the required data internally has been noted as the biggest difficulty. You can remove this hurdle for Phase 2. Start the process now so you have plenty of time to get the data you need.
  2. You’ll protect yourself from any bottleneck in resources further down the line. An early start means there’s plenty of time to conduct audits and gain ESOS Lead Assessor sign-off.
  3. We guarantee you’ll be compliant in time and at the best possible price. If you take our service and submit all necessary and complete data to us by 31 December 2018 we’ll guarantee you’ll hit the ESOS Phase 2 deadline. We’ll also beat any like-for-like quote you receive.

Seize your energy saving opportunity today

In Phase 1, our highly qualified Lead Assessors, Energy Auditors and Analysts identified 3,000 energy efficiency opportunities equivalent to almost half a billion kilowatt hours. That’s carbon savings of 2.5m tonnes of CO2. These came from 1,000 energy audits across 300 organisations.

To find out how you could reveal hidden savings in your business, sign up for our ESOS webinar here.

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