Coming to a city near you: the Utilitywise Customer Roadshow

Coming to a city near you: the Utilitywise Customer Roadshow

This year we’re heading out on the road to learn more about our customers and UK businesses. Our first stop? It’s Birmingham!

Our customers are changing Britain’s business landscape

Tomorrow 15 February 2017 we’re heading to Birmingham NEC to meet our customers – the business leaders who are slowly but surely changing the UK’s economic landscape for the better by being smarter with their utilities.

We want to find out exactly what makes them tick – what gets them up in the morning, what keeps them up at night, and why they do what they do.

Why Birmingham?

Birmingham is a city on the up and up. In January alone:

  • Birmingham City Council reported that the number of people claiming unemployment benefits had dropped to 6.4%
  • The number of people living in Birmingham is predicted to grow by 7.3% by 2022
  • Birmingham is enjoying a “well-deserved boom” with new office construction at an all-time high.

We want to know exactly what’s going on in Birmingham, and whether the buzz is affecting our customers – for better or worse.

Our customers are a switched on bunch

We know our customers are smart people leading smart businesses. That’s why we’re giving them the opportunity to get together and swap ideas and experiences. They’ll be able to share their insights on what it’s like to do business in Birmingham and do a little networking with each other and the Utilitywise team – including our CEO, Brendan Flattery.

Best of all, we’ll be running these events every six weeks. If you’re a Utilitywise customer and you’d like to get involved, simply email Jordon Dobson, our customer engagement coordinator, at for more information.


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