Utilitywise win IoT Cloud Platform award at Smart Energy Awards!

Utilitywise win IoT Cloud Platform award at Smart Energy Awards!

It’s fantastic to see our IoT BeMS and controls solutions gaining such recognition. We’re passionate about helping our clients improve their efficiency and reduce energy consumption by giving them the tools to access their energy data.

The 8th European Smart Energy Awards took place on 2 February 2017. We’re delighted to announce that we took home the IoT Cloud Platform Award!

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The ceremony was held during a two-day summit which examined the developments, challenges and opportunities in smart energy; for utilities, government, regulators, solution providers, and other industry professionals working within the sector.

Award-winning IoT solutions

The key to reducing consumption and enhancing efficiency is a holistic approach to the control of utilities across a business. To deliver this, we have developed a range of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Building Energy Management System (BeMS) and controls solutions to give businesses full control of their utilities usage.

Using our BeMS and controls solutions users can connect electrical devices, assets and entire systems with the power of IoT. This provides clients total control of their energy usage from their phone, tablet or web-browser. It puts energy and entire building management in the palm of your hand, making it easy and accessible for everyone.

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Once installed, BeMS and controls can reduce your utilities consumption by up to 30%. Our innovative IoT enabled offerings deliver simple and smart solutions for clients to control and reduce their energy use. One banking client has achieved £2.5m of savings year on year, with a 10% reduction in their carbon emissions.

The power of big data and IoT BeMS

Our IoT BeMS technologies clients can connect energy intensive devices across multiple sites, harnessing the power of big data to make informed decisions on their usage, and control how and when they use energy. For Half Hourly (HH) billed sites, additional strategies are configured to provide extra cost savings at DUoS times and against Triad warnings. Reducing your consumption during these times can significantly lower your bills.

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The ability to visualise and display your consumption will also help employees at your sites to change when and how they use energy. Staff Awareness Training can change how people think about their energy use. In fact, behavioural change is proven to cut your energy consumption by a further 10%, improving your building energy performance and productivity.

To find out more about Utilitywise IoT BeMS controls solutions click here or call 01527 511 757.

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