Businesses Unprepared for Water Deregulation

Businesses Unprepared for Water Deregulation

According to a new survey launched today by Utilitywise plc (AIM:UTW), a leading independent utility management consultancy, most businesses in England are unaware of and unprepared for the upcoming deregulation of the English water market in April 2017.

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New Water Survey Finds Most English Businesses Unprepared for Water Deregulation in 2017

  • Only One in Four Businesses Feels “Informed” About Legislation and Many Businesses Unaware of Potential Benefits
  • Only One in Three Businesses Have Access to Enough Information About the Impacts of Water Deregulation
  • Utilitywise’s CEO Calls on English Businesses to Realise Opportunities That Deregulation Will Bring

Newcastle, 10 November 2016: According to a new survey launched today by Utilitywise plc (AIM:UTW), a leading independent utility management consultancy, most businesses in England are unware of and unprepared for the upcoming deregulation of the English water market in April 2017.

The survey highlighted a lack of knowledge about water deregulation with only one in four businesses feeling “informed” about how upcoming water legislation will affect their business.  Small businesses surveyed felt particularly uninformed about water deregulation – just 20% of them felt “informed” about the issue.

Just one in three English businesses believe their business has access to enough information on the impacts of deregulation.  However, of those who are informed about water deregulation, over half (59%) of English businesses say they are likely to switch compared to 49% of unaware businesses.

Many English businesses are unware of the potential benefits that deregulation could bring.  Just four in ten English businesses think customer service will be better.  Only half of businesses say value for money will be better.

Brendan Flattery, CEO of Utilitywise said:

“The Utilitywise water survey results show that businesses across England are mostly unaware and unprepared for water deregulation in April 2017.  Worryingly, the survey shows a particular lack of awareness among SMEs and a lack of belief that market deregulation will deliver better value for money to their businesses.

“From next year in England, all companies – small family businesses as well as large companies – will be able to benefit from deregulation by shopping around for the cheapest deal in a similar way to finding an energy provider.

“We’re calling for greater education about water market deregulation to ensure that businesses of all sizes don’t miss out. For our part, we’re launching a free helpline and website to help businesses become informed about the benefits that water deregulation will bring.

“Most importantly, the opening of the water market enables Utilitywise to offer our customers a full energy and water utility management plan which can deliver lower bills, better value for money, improved customer service as well as water and energy savings”.

According to Open Market, the website for the open water market, over 1.2 million eligible businesses and other non-household customers in England will be able to choose their water supplier from April 2017.  Scottish businesses have benefitted from water deregulation since the Scottish water market was deregulated in 2008.




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About the research:

The research was commissioned by Utilitywise and conducted by Edelman Intelligence, an independent market research firm.  Between 13-20 October 2016, Edelman Intelligence conducted online interviews with 453 business decision makers in England.

The survey included a main sample of business decision makers from England (453), which is representative in terms of region and business size.

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About Utilitywise:

As one of the UK’s leading independent consultancies, Utilitywise is advising c.30,000 clients, helping them to get the most value from their energy through better procurement and services that allow them to be more energy efficient.

Having grown from a start-up business in 2006 to managing an effective IPO in 2012, Utilitywise understands the needs and concerns of its small, medium and large customers. It works with clients ranging from South Tyneside Bowls and Social Club and the University of Bradford to FTSE100 BAE Systems and AstraZeneca.

Utilitywise aims to debunk the myths that exist around utilities and support businesses across the UK to spend less time worrying about utilities so they can spend more time running their companies. In 2016 Utilitywise was named an OEM partner by Dell as part of a joint strategy to introduce Internet of Things (IoT) Building Automation solutions to customers.

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About Edelman Intelligence:

Edelman Intelligence is a global, full-service markets insights and analytics firm that provides corporate, non-profit and government clients with strategic intelligence to make their communications and engagements with stakeholders the smartest they can be.

The firm specialises in measurement, tracking and analysis in reputation, branding and communications.

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