Future-proof your business – ISO 50001 webinar

Future-proof your business – ISO 50001 webinar

Join our ISO 50001 webinar – Crystal Ball Gazing – on 13 December and find out how to potentially protect your business from future energy and carbon policy changes.

We may not yet know how Brexit will impact our legislative landscape, but we need protection against future policy changes. The solution? Join our ISO 50001 webinar to find out.

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001: 2011 is the International Standard for Energy Management. It provides the most robust framework for optimising energy efficiency in public and private sector organisations.

Certification defines an organisation’s commitment to continual improvement in energy management. ISO 50001 will enable your business to lead by example within your industry and can ensure you meet related legislative and regulatory requirements.

There are many benefits to your company attaining the ISO 50001 certification that are well documented, but how might ISO 50001 integrate into future carbon legislation? Will it be worth it for your organisation?

Join our ISO 50001 webinar – Crystal Ball Gazing

Russ Monkman, Carbon Solutions Manager, and Jean Waring-Thomas, Commercial Strategy Consultant, from Utilitywise will host a webinar to explain how you can:

  • Stay on top of policy changes and reporting.
  • Ease adherence with compliance schemes.
  • Streamline your energy management to reduce wastage, increase savings and improve efficiency.

We will also update you on current energy and carbon policies that may affect you and any planned changes. You’ll even find out how ISO 50001 can ease the pain of future ESOS compliance.

Date: Tuesday 13 December

Time: 1pm

To reserve your place for our ISO 50001 webinar, click here.

Why choose ISO 50001?

  1. You can achieve significant financial savings by improving energy efficiency. (We forecast electricity prices will rise 50% by 2020, so efficiency is key)
  2. Create a strategy to ensure continual energy performance improvement
  3. Integrate your compliance approach and reporting to save time and effort
  4. Streamline your energy management to reduce wastage and inefficiencies
  5. Stay ahead of your competition and win more business with improved sustainability and CSR credentials.

To find out more, register your place for our webinar here.


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