Access hidden energy savings with Manufacturing 4.0

Access hidden energy savings with Manufacturing 4.0

Join us on 1 September for our free Manufacturing 4.0 energy and water webinar. We’ll explain how, with the right strategy, manufactures can reveal hidden savings in their energy bills using smart controls and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Manufacturing 4.0 and IoT can reduce your energy and water bills

Are your energy bills affecting your competitiveness? Do you find it hard to be energy efficient on a tight budget? With the right strategy, manufacturers can reveal hidden savings in their energy bills using smart controls.

As the manufacturing industry becomes ever smarter and more connected, new opportunities are available to better control energy and water use. We’re urging manufacturers to optimise their operations.

To find out how, join our webinar at 1pm on Thursday 1 September (now closed).

What is 4.0?

Manufacturing 4.0 is the latest phase of the industrial revolution. It has introduced hyperconnected manufacturing in which networked sensors and assembly systems automatically deliver efficiency and quality improvements. Through smart technology, interconnected operations are transforming the way sites and equipment are controlled and monitored. All this is bringing new opportunities in utilities monitoring and smart maintenance to the sector.

How 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) can reduce your energy and water bills

The energy used to heat, light and ventilate manufacturing premises isn’t a fixed overhead – as long as you take control of it. By taking a best practice, manufacturing 4.0 approach to your energy and water needs you can save between 15-20%. There’s potential for IoT technology to instinctively adjust your heating depending on how many people are on your site and turn off equipment automatically depending on the time of day or year.

Cutting wastage in this way will reduce inefficiencies and lower your energy and water bills. The technology of today will transform the operations of tomorrow. Find out more by joining our webinar.

We’ll also outline how a joined up approach to utility management can make you more efficient and better able to identify ways to save time, money and effort.

Tune in to our free webinar

When: Thursday 1 September at 1pm – 1:45pm.

Topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Energy buying hints and tips – our experts, who saved £41m for clients in 2015, will share their strategies for success.
  • Carbon compliance and water market deregulation– turn your compliance burdens into energy saving opportunities.
  • Take control of your utilities with smart technology – find out how you can cut wastage by up to 20% with smart, IoT-ready technology.

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Manufacturing 4.0 Webinar

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