Manufacturers share their energy challenges

Manufacturers share their energy challenges

We surveyed major energy users in the UK manufacturing industry to find out more about how they manage their energy and water issues. Here’s what they told us …

Energy and water use in the manufacturing industry

British manufacturers are working in a tough climate, with some of the highest energy bills in Europe and strict emissions targets to keep on top of. Is the industry doing all it can to minimise wastage and lower costs?

We recently asked large UK manufacturers about their energy and water use, how they cut wastage and manage costs. We know energy is a big expense for manufacturers and one that is crucial to manage effectively – two thirds of our survey respondents told us energy is a top three cost for their business. However, around a third told us they don’t feel in control of their energy and water requirements even though half feel under pressure from clients to cut carbon and improve their energy efficiency.

Just over half of the manufacturers we spoke to (55%) said they track their energy, carbon and water use while only 39% have a long-term energy, carbon and water strategy. It’s vital that manufacturers have the tools in place to clearly monitor their consumption so they can visualise their usage, spot anomalies and identify ways to lower use and reduce costs.

The Carbon Trust states that metering provides energy savings of 10%. For energy-intensive businesses, such as manufacturers, sub-metering can help identify areas of inefficiency to enable you to take action that can save a further 20% on your bills.

A hugely significant 90% of our survey respondents believe their staff would feel more engaged with energy efficiency if they could immediately see their impact.

Most businesses can save on their energy bills through either no or relatively low cost measures – by training your staff to engage with energy efficiency, you could save 10% on your energy costs through simple behavioural changes. You can show your team the impact they have on your business through simple dashboards and smartphone apps. These allow you to track your energy and water use and display the results on screens throughout your organisation.

How Utilitywise can help

Not only does energy have a financial cost, but managing it is time-consuming. 83% of our respondents say they spend up to a fifth of their time involved in utilities management. This is where we can help. We can arm with the tools, training and advice to uncover hidden savings and cut your carbon and costs.

Our Strategic Utility Management Plan for manufacturers helps businesses like yours make the most of their energy and water use. We encourage businesses to tackle their utility issues as a whole, to reduce inefficiencies, lower bills and increase competitiveness.

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