Avoid costly penalties and make CCAs work for you – Free Webinar

Avoid costly penalties and make CCAs work for you – Free Webinar

Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) are rising to the top of the carbon agenda, with the end of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) in sight. Our 19 July webinar will explain more about these upcoming changes and how they will impact you.

In our forthcoming webinar, we are focusing on demystifying CCAs

We aim to take the stress and hassle away for our clients who need to comply with complicated energy and carbon legislation. A CCA can be a complex scheme to manage, so we’re hosting a webinar to tell you all you need to know.

What are CCAs?

CCAs are voluntary agreements made by UK industry and the Environment Agency (EA) to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions. In return, participants receive a discount on their Climate Change Levy (CCL). This discount is set to increase from April 2019, as agreed in the Budget on 16 March this year. This means it’s essential to get your CCAs in order now to take advantage of this change when it comes to force.

Companies eligible for CCAs are those that carry out an ‘eligible process’, i.e. a process at a site which is considered energy intensive. This can be anything from plastic moulding or extruding and metal packaging to agricultural businesses such as intensive pig and poultry farming.

What’s their worth?

We surveyed 70 major energy users in June 2016 and 31% already held a CCA. Of these, 88% said the discount did justify the time and energy they spent complying with the legislation, which is encouraging. It was also great to see that 88% had implemented energy efficiency measures as a result.

Crucially though 82% of respondents said they found the targets challenging. Whilst many end users deal directly with Trade Associations, our services and skills allow us to go one step further. We can proactively advise on carbon reduction that cuts costs and ensures you meet your ever-challenging targets, as well as take care of the paperwork to deliver compliance.


If you don’t meet your CCA targets and comply you can be hit with costly penalties. It was reported that almost half of the companies that submitted their CCAs for milestone 1 last year had to buy carbon allowances. The average cost to those affected was £15,000 with the largest buy-out fee standing at £750,000.

Free Webinar

We are hosting a free webinar on 19 July at 1pm to provide you with the insight you need to manage your CCAs effectively and avoid penalties. From an initial introduction to the scheme, to discussing how the targets can work for you, our Senior Carbon Consultant, Mike Holness will provide you with all the vital information.

Why you should listen

Mike will guide you through everything you need to know about CCAs including:

  • The basics, an introduction to the scheme
  • Proposed government changes and how they affect you
  • The CCA process, from start to finish
  • Setting targets and turning these to your advantage
  • How to avoid penalties

During the webinar Mike will also be available to answer any specific queries you have.

Already in a CCA?

Our webinar can help you to better understand the proposed changes plus how you can proactively track your progress against set targets to minimise risk of costly buyouts.

To register for our CCA webinar click here.

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