The Manufacturers’ Guide to Saving Energy and Water

The Manufacturers’ Guide to Saving Energy and Water

Running a British manufacturing business can be challenging, but by being smarter with your energy and water use to reduce wastage you can improve your operations.

Take control of your energy and water use to make savings

The manufacturing industry uses vast amounts of energy and water through different processes whilst also being impacted by strict emissions targets and soaring energy bills.

The energy used to heat, light and ventilate manufacturing premises isn’t a fixed overhead – as long as you take control of it. Through best practice and effective management, manufacturers can unearth hidden savings of up to 20% in their energy bills.

How can you release the funds hidden in your bills?

By being actively involved in monitoring your energy and water consumption, you can make a positive impact on your bottom line. Monitoring your usage will enable you to see clearly when, where and how you’re using electricity, gas and water, helping you take steps to control them. Internet of Things (IoT) technology can then turn your sites into intelligent buildings and unearth hidden savings of up to 20%.

Any savings you uncover can be invested back into your business, improving operations and energy efficiency. Smart technology can also be used to display results instantly, helping engage employees in efficiency.

Download our white paper ‘Saving Energy and Water’ for more information on what other manufacturers think about energy costs, efficiency and how you can take control of your utilities consumption.

We also reveal the three key areas we believe manufacturers should focus on to take full control of their energy and water costs. To find out more simply click here.

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