Helping manufacturers make energy savings

Helping manufacturers make energy savings

British manufacturers can find it difficult to stay competitive with some of the highest energy bills in Europe and having to comply with strict emissions targets. We can help you uncover hidden savings in your bills to invest back into your business.

Unearthing hidden funds can improve your competitiveness

Manufacturers use vast amounts of energy and water as part of their processes. Reducing your energy and water consumption will improve efficiency, lower bills and help to relieve part of the burden on the British manufacturing industry.

A 20% cut in energy costs can be the equivalent of a 5% rise in sales. The money you save can then be invested back into your business, helping you to stay more competitive. Making changes to processes themselves is unlikely to be straightforward, as machines and equipment are required to keep going. So how can manufacturers cut down their utility bills?

How we help manufacturers

Our team of experienced auditors are members of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), the Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC) and the Energy Institute (EI) and are on-hand to help. We can visit your site to investigate when, where and how you use energy and water, helping us find ways to help you use less. This could involve a top level half hourly data review, with your site team, and may investigate:

  • Cooling tower operations and integration – we’ll consider the possibility of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on fans and pumps and potential improvements that could be made to free cooling
  • Refrigeration – we’ll look into overall control maintenance, evaporator defrost regime and refrigerant types
  • Compressed air – taking into account ring main demand pressures, any system leaks, controls, automatic leak detection facilities, heat recovery and hot water generation
  • Lighting – this could be a recommendation to update lights to LEDs and improve levels of natural daylight into your buildings via skylights
  • Heat – a review of heating loads and equipment, alternative solutions with improved controls and additional heat recovery from process waste energy streams

Unearth hidden savings

Your business could save thousands of pounds on its utility bills, you just need to know where to look. We’ll help you understand your true consumption profile. Once you know exactly what you use, where and when, you can start making changes and monitor the impact.

Our Strategic Utility Management Plan for manufacturers addresses the biggest issues when it comes to energy and water use, helping you unearth the savings hidden within your business. To download your copy and find out how you can access hidden savings click here.

Manufacturing Energy Solutions - Guide to Saving Energy | Utilitywise plc

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