Workshop delivers smart solutions for manufacturers

Workshop delivers smart solutions for manufacturers

Last week, we held our first workshop aimed specifically at helping manufacturers to better manage their utility costs and uncover hidden savings.

The British manufacturing industry uses vast amounts of energy and water in an array of different processes while simultaneously being impacted by strict emissions targets and high energy bills. So, last week, we held our first workshop aimed specifically at helping manufacturers to better manage their utility costs and uncover hidden savings.

High energy bills affect competitiveness and enhancing energy efficiency can be a challenge on a tight budget. However, manufacturers can improve their operations by being smarter with their energy and water use and by reducing wastage. By taking control of your consumption, businesses can work more efficiently and save money in the process.

Location, location, location

On 19 May we hosted our Strategic Energy and Water Management Workshop at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry. We talked through the challenges of energy procurement and the importance of an effective buying strategy, the upcoming opportunity of water market deregulation, recent developments in carbon tax legislation and introducing smart app-controlled technology into manufacturing sites. Delegates learnt that, compared to 2010 levels, non-commodity costs are set to rise over 127% by 2020 and we explained a number of solutions that can help realise savings of up to 20% by taking action now.

We chose the MTC as our venue, not just for its impressive design or the fact it’s located in a UK manufacturing hub, but because the MTC is at the forefront of designing new technologies to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Leading the way with smart technology is at the heart of our Energy Services division. In fact, Verdantix just named us a top six market leader within this field. Using the right controls and Building energy Management Systems (BeMS) manufacturers can cut wastage. Combined with a mix of behavioural changes and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we can provide businesses with these tools to help them visualise their energy use and adapt their consumption.

Come for the workshop and stay for the tour

Following our presentations, delegates were given a tour of the facilities at the MTC. Our tour guide, Tony, was clearly passionate about all technologies in use and under development – though he was careful not to reveal any secrets! Our guests saw up close the results of cutting-edge, innovative 3D-printing and welding technologies used in the aerospace, automotive and rail industries.

We even saw electric racing cars under development on display!


Take action and reveal savings

If you’re a manufacturer and would like to find out more about how you can unearth savings hidden in your energy bills contact us today on 01527 511 757 or email us.

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