The great summer air-con debate

The great summer air-con debate

Searching for that perfect office temperature? Utilitywise can help.

Keep your cool with Utilitywise

The perfect mix of cool inside the building while it’s hot outside is what every business wants to achieve for the well-being of employees and the comfort of clients. A good heating and cooling strategy during the summer months pays off for businesses with energy savings and cost reductions.

Our sister company, t-mac, specialises in Building energy Management Systems (BeMS) and was acquired by Utilitywise in April 2015. BeMS can help form a crucial part of an energy saving strategy and t-mac can help you to control your air-con effectively at the touch of a button.

t-mac’s golden rules for air-con:

  • Turn off heating during the summer months and switch it back on in October.
  • During the night take advantage of free cooling by using the cold outside air to aid the cooling process inside your building.
  • Install a t-mac BeMS that can work within pre-agreed set points to cool your building or workspace according to the outside temperatures. It can also quit the cooling regime outside office hours.
  • Don’t let air conditioning and over-cooling happen during the night – if you don’t need it on, turn it off. If you forget don’t worry, t-mac can do it for you.

With intelligent air conditioning set points and interlinking air conditioning with door heaters, our controls can manage average energy savings of 20% with an average ROI of 12-18 months.

As well as setting easy-to-use controls, Utilitywise can find out if your air conditioning is fully effective. We can conduct an Air Conditioning (AC) Inspection to assess the efficiency of your unit and confirm if it’s still legally compliant. Following this we’ll issue a report that identifies ‘no cost’ and ‘low cost’ changes that can be implemented quickly and cheaply. In addition, there are often opportunities to save large amounts of energy with equipment revision based on payback generally between 2 and 3 years. Identified savings often cover the cost of the inspection, too.


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