Do DECs now apply to your building?

Do DECs now apply to your building?

As of the 9 July it became a legal requirement for all public buildings over 250m2 to have a valid Display Energy Certificate (DEC) in place.

DECs were initially introduced for public buildings over 1,000m2 in 2008; updates to legislation have gradually reduced this threshold to incorporate smaller buildings.

DEC threshold decrease timeline

Implementation Date Building Size
1 October 2008 1,000m2
9 January 2013 500m2
9 July 2015 250m2

While this may seem like another legislative burden for many public sector organisations, significant value can be achieved through DECs if they are utilised effectively.

DECs assess how efficiently a building is being used and then provide an operational rating of A to G. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to review your energy performance, you can also benchmark your building’s performance against others of the same function.

Improve your efficiency

All DECs need to be accompanied by a valid Advisory Report, which highlights a number of energy efficient recommendations. This can be a great starting point for smaller organisations to consider their consumption, make improvements and ultimately reduce their energy costs – all based on advice from accredited Energy Assessors.

Although DECs for buildings less than 1,000m2 are valid for 10 years, real value can be achieved through annual renewals (as is required for buildings greater than 1,000m2). Your DEC can act as a catalyst for setting energy efficiency targets and actively monitoring your energy consumption each year to encourage improvements.

Healthy competition

One innovative idea for utilising DECs amongst groups of similar organisations (for example primary schools within a city) is to create DEC league tables. The use of competitions can encourage improved performance via annual campaigns to enhance energy efficiency, educate stakeholders and improve your DEC rating. On top of this, DECs are the ideal platform to demonstrate your achievements to the wider public.

How Utilitywise can help

We have been providing DECs since their introduction in 2008, utilising our knowledgeable in-house team of accredited Energy Assessors. Our DEC experts are all experienced in carrying out Energy Audits and can identify pertinent energy saving opportunities through our Advisory Reports.

To date, we have produced over 5,250 DECs and currently manage DEC renewals for a portfolio of over 640 sites.

For more information about how Utilitywise can get you on track with DEC compliance visit our website, call 01527 511 757or email

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