Utilitywise joins Sustainability West Midlands

Utilitywise joins Sustainability West Midlands

As a successful AIM listed company, Utilitywise plc is committed to its corporate social responsibility and environmental credentials and we’re proud to announce that we’re now members of Sustainability West Midlands (SWM).

Utilitywise are keen to support SWM and their vision: to have businesses and communities thriving in a West Midlands that is environmentally sustainable and socially just by 2020. Through cross-sector working across local authority boundaries, SWM look to create a region with more low carbon jobs, reduced levels of carbon and improved life expectancy.

Redditch in Worcestershire is the home of our head office for the Utilitywise Corporate Division. The site also houses members from our Enterprise team, in total employing 160 people, up from 65 in 2013. The Corporate Division offers services to businesses as part of a Strategic Utility Management Plan that encompasses energy procurement, carbon compliance and energy and water efficiency solutions.

How Utilitywise represent SWM priorities to achieve their vision by 2020:

  • We are a growing employer in the area and are always on the lookout for people that can add value to our business.
  • We help businesses improve energy efficiency. We do this by helping clients to monitor, manage and reduce their utility consumption and costs. From energy audits to single product installs and full scale energy solutions our experts are here to help.
  • We house a wealth of knowledge on all things energy. Our Energy Market Analysts track the market on a daily basis and monitor regulation and legislation providing clients with valuable insight on the impact to their business. A key element to our offering is our fixed and flexible energy procurement services together with our risk management and trading capabilities.

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Utilitywise has been helping businesses manage their business utilities since 2006. With over 40,000 customers across Europe, we help businesses save time, save effort and save money by reducing their energy and water consumption.