Utilitywise secures European patent for energy management system

Utilitywise secures European patent for energy management system

North East energy consultancy moves one step further with its pioneering Edd:e energy monitoring system.

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North East energy consultancy moves one step further with its pioneering Edd:e energy monitoring system

Utilitywise has been granted a European patent for Edd:e – the energy and water consultancy’s inventive energy monitoring system which helps customers analyse energy use. The patent, which was granted in the US last year, has moved one step further with the latest European endorsement, officially recognising Edd:e as a technical invention that benefits the industry in a new and innovative way.

Edd:e offers businesses a measurement and verification tool that helps them make informed decisions about the actions they need to take to save energy. On average, it shows Utilitywise customers ways to reduce energy consumption by 27 per cent, and by as much as 35 per cent in some cases.

Geoff Thompson, CEO at Utilitywise, said: “We are incredibly proud to secure this European patent because it proves Edd:e really does provide real-world energy savings and offers a unique tool for the marketplace.

“As businesses face increasing energy costs, it is more important than ever to ensure energy usage is being monitored carefully and our management system will allow customers to immediately identify any trends, anomalies or unforeseen changes in energy consumption, while being quick and easy to install.”

This development is the latest addition in a line of new projects to showcase Utilitywise’s strong track record in energy monitoring, as it follows on from the recent acquisition of technology firm t-mac Technologies Ltd. Utilitywise, with their experienced energy management team and using exclusive t-mac technology for monitoring and controlling commercial energy usage, can help businesses better understand all aspects of energy usage.

Edd:e examines each circuit on the distribution board to give customers a detailed picture of their energy usage 24 hours a day. It will reveal energy usage in parts of a building  individual rooms, even individual pieces of equipment or circuits. Utilitywise staff  or the customer can then analyse how much energy is being used and when, helping spot which departments are using power and for what.

The solution is also very easy to install and low cost.

The energy monitor lets businesses:

  • Identify where, when and how energy is consumed on site
  • Identify unusual, unexpected, or above average levels of consumption
  • Show were energy consumption can be reduced
  • Show actions that can be taken to lower a carbon footprint

For more information on Edd:e please visit http://hubs.ly/y0Rs070

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As one of the UK’s leading business energy and water consultancies, Utilitywise is already advising more than 23,000 clients, helping them to get the most value from their energy through better procurement and services that allow them to be more energy efficient.

Having grown from a start-up business in 2006 to managing an effective IPO in 2012, Utilitywise understands the needs and concerns of its small, medium and large customers. It works with clients ranging from South Tyneside Bowls and Social Club and the University of Bradford to FTSE100 BAE Systems and AstraZeneca. Utilitywise aims to debunk the myths that exist around utilities and support businesses across the UK to spend less time worrying about utilities and more energy running their companies.

Utilitywise is a UK company quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit www.utilitywise.com.


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